Lyra - 185.

with Karen.
Sweet girl.  

She is a Friendly Freckles, RBL Blythe
I am her second owner.
Lyra & Quinn
Prior coming to me, her first 'Mum' 
had her customized by Kate Harden (Moofala)

she has been:
*sand matted and delicate makeup was applied
with finishing coats of MSC
*She has gaze correction
*boggled eyes
*sleep eyes
*sweet new lashes (see below to previous post with eyes closed)
*eye chips changed to lovely Brainworm chips
Her hair is wonderful 
as are most Friendly Freckles.

She is really a mint girl
but it's time for her to go to a new home.

I will send her in a Friendly Freckles box
shipped in the Blythe outer box.
Inside the U.S. that would be 
about $12 to ship.

She photographs beautifully
and would be a wonderful addition 
to any dolly family.

I wanted to offer her here first in case
there were any dolly lovers out there
looking for their first Blythe...

or wanting a customized Blythe to add
to a Blythe family.

 She will arrive with a little dress, undies, and shoes
from my personal collection....
and a little pet to keep her company
on her new journey.
Would YOU like to give her a new home??
I am so happy she has found a wonderful new home



Terri said...

I'm so glad they found a new home as well.
Just wanted to stop b y and let you know I have been thinking of you.
All the best
Terri Gauthier

Cinderella Moments said...

She was beautiful! I went to your shop thinking I would find more there. But no. :( I bet you have a hard time parting with them. But I looked them up on Etsy and they go from $350 up. You have such a talent you could really be a big success with them. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best!

Rella said...

Thank you for your visit, Terri....I have wondered how you were doing and it's great to see you!! I am letting MAMA go and the other Terri G. will oversee it now. I will be passing the baton very shortly to her. Happy New Year!!

Rella said...

Caroline - good to see you and yes, Lyra found a good home. I have another Friendly Freckles that I will be customizing, so I felt I could let her go. Happy New Year and I can't wait to see what you design this year xo

suze said...

Rella, I have been away too long. Your dolls are sooo very sweet!