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This is the first part of a series on the obsession passion for the big-headed doll known as Blythe.  

In it I will introduce you, through interview and photos,  to several collectors and artisans here in the states and abroad with extraordinary talent and a deep affection for this doll.

To help with some of the terminology of Blythe HERE is a link with fabulous information on these beloved dolls.

INTERVIEW #1: Libba South from Alabama.
Photo courtesy of Libba South
R: I feel like I am on my way to 'crazy' with six dolls at the moment, how many do you have in residence:

L: You are definitely NOT on your way to crazy!  When I first started getting overwhelmed by my doll collection (for some reason I always tend to adopt like, four dolls at once), a fellow collector told me that it was just part of being a collector.  If you collected coins or pez dispensers, you probably wouldn't stop at just ten, right?  And granted, there's a lot more to this hobby then sticking a bunch of dispensers on the shelf, but you get my drift.  
Photo courtesy of Libba South
I love Blythe.  I love the endless possibilities that come along with unwrapping a doll.  The fashion styles, the customization options, and I love how my personal preference for certain dolls has changed over time.  When I first started, I never thought I would own a customized doll.  I thought they were gross and creepy.  Then I fell in love with a Moofala custom because they were so natural.  I realized that a custom doll enhances the doll's personality instead of making the doll's personality.  So that's the direction my collection started leaning towards.  
Photo courtesy of Libba South
 Over the years I have purchased 38 different dolls, but when my collection gets above 10 I start sweating and have to purge.  It's happened three previous times, so I guess that ten is my sweet spot, although I'd actually prefer not to go above 9.  I have 7 girls at home right now and it is such a relief!  One for each day of the week!  I just love them all so much, and I feel bad for neglecting them.  If a month goes by and a certain girl has not had her photo taken once for my ADAD challenge, then something's got to change.  So I thought long and hard about the girls that I feel most guilty about not photographing, and those are the ones on the shelf right now.
photo courtesy of Libba South
R: What is your favorite Blythe mold?

L: As far as the molds, I've owned all of them besides Kenner at one time or the other (including ADG).  I prefer Takara RBLs for stock girls, and EBLs for customs.  I love the way you can swap the scalps on the RBLs, and I love the size of their eyes and the shape of their heads all in all.  I had an FBL shortly (like, a week), and she seemed like she would be very similar, once customized, to an EBL.  My BL is super cute, and Mondrian is one of my dream dolls.  I had an SBL for almost a year, but never could seem to bond with her.  Her eyes were too small for my liking.  EBLs, BLs, and RBLs really symbolize what I love so much about Blythe, which is the little girlishness of it.  Every time I get excited about a doll, I think about how it's the same thing I felt as a child on Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to bring me a new doll.  And now I can have Christmas Eve feelings whenever my bank account allows!  Ha!

R: Which doll in your collection is your favorite?
L: Hmmm, I think my favorite would be Lucy. She was my 
first Takara and I adopted her in 2008. She's gone through some changes, but the name always goes with the hairs, and currently Lucy has a vainilladolly custom PDAA head and a licca body. She is full of sass and vinegar, and I love her because she has the complete opposite personality of me!

Photo courtesy of Libba South
I love how different clothes or hairdos can bring out different facets of personality!
Photo courtesy of Libba South
R: I think of my girls as being between the ages of 6 and 10, what age do imagine YOUR girls are?

L: I think of my girls as all being between 8-12.

I've had girls that seemed to be older before, but I can never
seem to bond with them and they eventually get adopted out. I don't like for them to be too mature, because, for me, this hobby is about preserving that wonder that went along with doll play when I was, myself, between the ages of 8-12 (before it became "uncool" to play with dolls.)

Thank you, Libba for the interview, for sharing your gorgeous photos of your dolls and for becoming a friend in this wonderful world of Blythe.  Your beautiful spirit is contagious.
You can see more of Libba's stunning doll photography on Flickr.  Look for 'Libbalu'



Cinderella Moments said...

This is such a good interview. I had no idea how much was involved in making these little dolls over. They are just precious!
I loved your comment on my blog. You actually made me laugh out loud! But you know how those computers and printers go, right? I think I'm printing the perfect piece and wham!! It's a disaster. I thought keep your sanity and go old school.
Have a super great weekend!

Suz said...

A whole new world, Rella. As Maija LePore taught me, they are creepy cute!!! I will follow along and learn!!!
Big hugs,

Awishdream said...

Hi Rella,
Looks like your collection is growing mysteriously! ha! what can I say mine is too! hee-hee
Wonderful interview! enjoyed reading about your obsession!
These dolls are amazing!!!

roz said...

I love this interview of Libba! She is a darling! And you are a darling! I cannot tell you how happy that I am to know you, Rella! You make our lives a happy place. I love your interviews! xoxo