Sometimes flowers are not the best gift

When you love flowers, which I do, you might not realize
that sometimes they are NOT the best gift

Case in point:

Today the doctor I work for
scheduled a home visit
with a patient of his that may not have
many days left

reading those words gives you pause
doesn't it?

And so, Doc sent a co-worker to the florist
bright and early this morning to pick up a beautiful bouquet

He was specific that they be bright and cheerful

and they are...


AFTER the fact,

Doc finds out that the dear lady
does not like flowers..
especially now

as they remind her of funeral parlors



and so I now have a lovely vase
of bright and cheerful flowers on my desk

and I DO love them

But I am thinking of HER
and her last days

and I am wondering

if I would like to have flowers

on MY last days -

if I knew they were my last days

and I think the answer is yes

I believe I would want to be surrounded by them

and fabulous chocolate

and have my dearest ones in the whole world

come and talk

and the only tears would be from laughing

with stories of life shared

and I would have my favorite music

(which is acoustic guitar without words)

and I would like to have a journal

 to write my thoughts

and beautiful stationary to write a few letters

because the things I hold the dearest
are hand written notes
of loved ones that have gone

I love to take them from their special place
and hold them

and think about the hands that wrote them

and I feel them still with me.
~ ~
Now this is a box of flowers that I have dried
the purple roses

daffodils that now appear
to be made of delicate tissue paper

I have no plan for them

I just didn't want to throw them away


Claudia said...

Beautifully written, Rella. I agree. Flowers and laughter and something sinful to eat...all that and more.


Terri Gordon said...

Hello Rella, Oh I agree with Claudia, beautifully written. I would also like to be surrounded with beautiful flowers, chocolate and my family. Thanks for sharing. The flowers are beautiful, even the dried ones. Hugs, Terri

Terri said...

So lovely. I do feel for the person facing their last few days. Many blessings on them as they prepare to transition.
I, too, would love to be surrounded by flowers. Actually, I would love to be surrounded by flowers any time!

Suz said...

What a wonderful story. I am touched to the very core. I would want flowers, too. Preferably Spring flowers. No gladiolus!!!!
Thanks, my dear. So sweet!

Witch of Stitches said...

Lovely thoughts. I think your list of things to be surrounded by is wonderful - just the sort of things I would want too. So sorry for the lady, may she find be blessed with peace as she makes this new journey.

Wanda said...

Hello Rella, I am always telling family and friends, don't wait until I die to send me flowers, because I won't know they are there, and guess what it has been working. Husband 2 daughters have sent me beautiful bouquets in the last few months. TTFN

Awishdream said...

Rella, I love your story on "The Last Days"...I love flowers and it would be wonderful to be surrounded by them Dead or alive! I agree being surrounded with dear ones and laughter is the icing on the cake!

Cinderella Moments said...

I suppose if these are your last days on earth, you can speak your mind. She must be a firecracker! LOL!

debi said...

Rella, this is a very sad post. But beautifully written!

I definitely would want to be surrounded with beautiful flowers and those I love!

~*~Patty S said...

oh my dear Rella

you always manage to touch my heart so sweetly

the written word is powerful
and a life without flowers would be hard to would many other many things (maybe everything!) are mother could not bear the smell of always took her back to the death of her sweet pappa when she was a very young did the smell of Boxwood from the German cemetery...

Brightest of Blessings to you and yours Dear One thank you for expressing yourself so beautifully...I am fumbling to say what is in my heart!