I just got tired of looking at those needles
and that 'bed' where I lay for the treatment.

So I went in to my files and pulled out a photo
that I took last September in Rhode Island

that reminds me of weekend drives with the little birds
to pick apples, or just have a picnic at Lyman's Orchards

Wearing jackets and maybe having to take them off because
the afternoon would warm up and be a typical Indian Summer 

and  the pesky yellow jacket bees 
that seem to be out and about
looking for those sweet, fallen apples.

Yes, much better than looking at acupuncture needles.


La Dolce Vita said...

oh yes, much better and how are you feeling??? xo
ps, how is spike?

debi said...

What a pretty post Rella! I hope the lovely photo helps....and I hope the acupuncture is helping. HUGS