He looks beautiful, doesn't he?

uhhuh...yup, pretty, even.

In fact, a few states have deemed him to be their state bird!!

But I am guessing whoever made THAT decision

did NOT have one of these feathered foes in the tree next to THEIR bedroom

and did NOT have this MOCKER of all manner of sounds

screaming like a banshee from 10p.m........through the night

and all day long

save for a few hours from the start of darkness until 10 p.m.!!!!

did you know that mockingbirds can mimic a car alarm???

did you know that they stand on the highest branch of the tree so even IF

you had something like a water hose or harsher, you could never reach him??

I'm just saying.

I bet you didn't know that even the white noise machine that people (me) often use to sleep

is not loud enough to mask his repertoire...at 10 p.m....at midnight...at 2 a.m....

and because there are not a lot of other sounds out there at that time...


oh, and when you Google what to do about a mockingbird,

what you find are questions

on how to get RID of them!!

And now....for all who inquired,

littlelambielottie escaped the DOD

She only had to spend one whacky day there.
I could not subject her
to more than that.

She is safe, back at the nest,

where the only intrusion to her

is the occasional antics of the resident bratcat.

Speaking of furballs,

look at what my darling DIL found while son was away on business.

Furchild #1 'Moshie'

decided she was the Queen of THE WILD THINGS

and parked herself right on the shelf with them

then she decided to have a talk to the biggest of the batch......

......but once she gave him a piece of her mind and set the rules down....

She, herself, settled down for a Queenly rest...

but don't...for a minute...think she is not watching you!!



Meri Wiley said...

Hi Rella,

I don't know how to help you with the Mockingbird, except to say that I love them. I know they can be exceedingly annoying all hours of the day and night, but for some sick reason I love listening to them. At least I know I love them far above all the horrid Grackles that scream all the time. Now that's a bird I can do without, nasty flying, fighting, garbage pickin' black menaces that will do the same thing and land on the tallest point somewhere and just screech...even while looking at you and laughing at you because there's nothin' you can do to them either. So although I would prefer sweet silence overall, I have to say that I'd listen to the multitudes of notes coming out of a Mockingbird 24/7 over a screeching Grackle anytime. Sorry I couldn't help you.


Lori said...

hmmmm...that mockingbird sounds rather annoying to say the least...that would probably drive me nuts...the most i have to contend with is Miss Gracie, who on occasion decides to roam the house in the middle of the night with her "baby" in her mouth yowling like her heart is breaking...love the pictures of the kitty...she looks a little like the kitty who is not ours, but chooses to live in our garage rather than at his own home...

Joanne Huffman said...

Too bad giving the bird the bird wouldn't work. The older I get, the more I value my sleep. The cat amongst The Wild Things is charming.

La Dolce Vita said...

oh dear I don't know how to help with bad birds!! your kitty is adorable, but a bit PMS-y!!!!

Rella said...

Beautiful kitty is not mine, sadly, she belongs to my son and his wife far, far away...and as I type this, I wish I could hit 'record' so you all could enjoy the morning song of the MOCKER!!!!

xox Rella

Zuzu said...

Oh noooo! My brother had a mockingbird outside his bedroom window that mimicked a gas lawn mower - he swears (as in he is telling the truth) and (as in it made him angry). That was out in California. He now lives in Colorado. Not sure if the mockingbird had anything to do with it - but maybe!!!
'Moshie' is a sweetie, and I'm glad to hear littlelambielottie is home! Girl - what you need is a vacation!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

I don't think there are mockingbirds in Minnesota!

This was an incredibly cute post!!


Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Oh yes, the mockingbird. The birds that are territorial and defend their territory. The ones that swoop down at my cat. Yet they are so regal, in the way they lift their head so proudly, that I cannot form a dislike for them. Or their lack of manners.

suze said...

Never had a mocking bird problem...just pesky woodpeckers that like to drill on the aluminum gutters at 6 am.
Love the new look of your blog!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny! I was harassed by a mockingbird once. I know the pain of that noise you described. Also the picture of littlelambielottie made me fall out of bed,
Oh my gosh, this is too funny! I was harassed by a mockingbird once. I know the pain of that noise you described. Also the picture of littlelambielottie made me fall out of bed, priceless! Lisa
! Lisa

Terri said...

He looks so beautiful and innocent sitting there on that branch.....but I know....I have had him at the topmost branch of the tree outside my house.... I have lain away at 4am listening to him... I have wished for magical ways to divert him from my house and send him away.
Luckily, I do believe, they change residence frequently. Yours should move on eventually. I have compassion for you dear!!! Best wishes that he develops an attraction to a female who lives somewhere else!