Photo of my Mom in one of her many costumes. Probably late 1930's


There wasn't a party
no hats or horns
no faerie cake

but I felt my Mom with me this morning
perhaps it was part of a dream I had last night
or the fact that every time I pull out my sewing machine
I think of her

And so there she was with me as the numbers were thrown into the
computer to pick a winner of the Karen Valentine Blog Pretty

The lucky number belonged to Debi
with two blogs: Life in My Studio & Sweet & Simple Blessings.

Congratulations Debi, go ahead and get in touch with Karen
and she will explain the gadgets you can choose from and even
take a look at your blog and make a suggestion.

A little gift from me to you and to Karen.

Have a wonderful Sunday my Bloggie Friends


Kelly Lish said...

What a lovely place to visit, your blog is! So glad I found it!

Katsui Jewelry said...

The lines about your mother make a beautiful poem. I adore the picture of her in the costume! That is a treasure!

peggy gatto said...

congratulations karen!!!
Your mom 's picture is dear!!!
AND may I live in the pink cottage with you??????

debi said...

Love the picture of your mom...that is so precious!

Thank you for such a pretty gift away! I'm so excited...Karen's work is amazing!

Lori said...

congrats to Debi...

Rella, that picture of your mother is the most precious thing...what a darling she was...and what a treasure for you to have!!!

Debby said...

Rella, this is such a sweet photo of your mother.
Congrats to Debi!

Joanne Huffman said...

What an enchanting photo!

joven said...
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La Dolce Vita said...

congratulations to Debbie!! and that photo of your Mum is so dear!xoxox

Lovey said...

Big Hugs Rella! Thanks for stopping by my blog nice to read your comments. It's really quite a gem to have a picture of your mom as a young girl. What a wonderful keepsake. Beautiful that you feel her Spirit...Smiles my friend! Lovey

Holly Moore said...

Oh Rella, the photo of your mom is so sweet.

Awishdream said...

Hi Rella, Your Mom's photo is precious! I love the heart too!
Congrats to Debi for her win!

Thanks for visiting my blog!