Yet another swap.

Same doll base but a different bit of dress.

Using a gorgeous piece of gray, blue Dupioni silk

I hand stitched an outer skirt

the bodice, underskirt and sleeves
were fashioned from a lovely piece of lace.

peeking out I thought some netting in deep pink would be fun

to match the big bow on the back of her skirt.

Add some doo dads,
and a stamped out birdcage...

mohair for her wig,
and a little 'hitch hiker' sitting on her skirt

and we are good to go.

This time, however, for her base to keep her standing

I drilled a hole in a painted,
one inch wooden block and inserted a dowel.

I think I just can't get enough of these and may have to make some more

and MAYBE,
just maybe,

I might be able to part with one and put her

up on Etsy.

Oh, and by the way.......a friend of Rattlesnake Number One

visited the

the very next day.

Could be there was a convention...

but I did not get the memo.

xox Rella


Lori said...

she is a beauty Rella!!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is both gorgeous and inspiring!!! LOVE the hitch-hiker, Rella.

Debby said...

Rella, she is amazing, love her. I hope you are not going to have a convention, yuck!!!!

Lesley said...

Good afternoon from the UK. I just wanted to say how much I admire your talent. Your doll is amazing. Do you have a tutorial on how to make them. We have very few craft magazines over here, and what there are, are mostly X-stitch, so not much good to those of us who would like to try something a bit 'different' Blessings

La Dolce Vita said...

what a lovely you have created!! just adorable!!! hope it isn't too hot and that Spike is thriving!! xoxox

suze said...

Just georgous!! Still trying to get that snake out of my mind. Be careful!!!

Pattio said...

Rella, wow she is amazing I love all the details. Her skirt is fab-u-lous!


Rella said...

Thank you all for your lovely notes.
Lesley, I don't have a tutorial I'm afraid.....but it's certainly something to ponder. Perhaps I can interview for a cameraman and soundman to help make a little video!! Le Chat is not up for the job I'm afraid. :) I will let you know if such a thing ever takes place.

xox Rella

Joanne Huffman said...

I can see why you are entranced with these paper dolls; you have created true beauties.

Patricia said...

What a beautiful paper doll. Thanks so much for visiting my other blog - The Secret Jar. You are probably the first. I rather like this blog also. I enjoy the darker art as much as the Marie Antoinette art. Thanks Again.

LucysDaughter said...

Ooh Rella... She is wonderful! Your classic touches truly make me come alive! LuvLuvLuv:)
Hubby & I are moving back to your state in AUG. We're so excited, and hopefully one day we'll meet!
xoxo - Lolo
Lori Ann Merrill