How fun to really look forward to a Monday morning!!!

I may not EVEN think about heading back to the DOD
(desk of drama)

At this point I think the number is 230+ that I will

enter into the proverbial 'hat' for a chance

to win the ATC

and the yards of vintage trim.

I think I forgot to mention in the original post

that the lovely ruffled piece is French!!


I thought it was only fitting that a piece of French vintage trim

the same that I used ON the ATC....

accompany Marie Antoinette on her

So, Monday morning I will put the final number

into the computer
generated Number Picker..........

and the winner will be announced

before I head to that aforementioned DOD.

I have signed into so many blogs over these days

and crossed my fingers

so many times.

What lovely give-aways are posted out there in Bloglandia.

I hope you all visited the blogs and got to know some new faces.

From the journey, I have picked up a few new blogs

to add to my side bar

for everyone to enjoy.

That is part of the regrouping going on here

at Faerieluna.

Another is a turn toward a more enchanted venue

in the 'nest'

Along with a HUGE and covered (messy) art table

in the sTuDiO wItH A bEd

I have enlisted the service of the white wicker desk

brought in a chair

and added this lovely Ebay

Isn't it stunning?!!!

They help light my newest little work space.

There is little left that says BEDROOM in the sTuDiO wItH A bEd


It's all about art projects.

Speaking of projects...I have been involved in a few as of late

One that was totally FABULOUS was a 'Secret Valentine Box' swap

Inside an embellished box or bag

we were to enclose several items to
help the receiver create more lovely art.

Trims, papers, fabric, etc.

It was totally wonderful to put together and send off

and then wait for our own secret box to arrive.

Well, my dear bloggies, I received the most over-the-top

Valentine Box ever..............look at this beauty!!

Covered in cream velvet and embellished with jewels and trim and roses.

I am still in awe of the most amazing piece.

And look at the stunning array of supplies and goodies inside!!

Needless to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

I was totally spoiled

My 'not secret anymore' Valentine was the talented and generous

Deborah McNutt.

It seems she has been gorgeously covering boxes

for many, many years.


For MY Valentine, I found a delightful

carry case

Already covered in the theme I was going for


After doing some investigation, I discovered that my

secret partner had lovely roses in her garden

and since she had chosen a Pink & White theme

I knew what direction I would go

Doesn't this rose look like the real deal?!!!!

and inside all things pink and white

with the addition of roses

the gal to receive my creation

is the very talented,

Melanie Hall.

(photo taken by miss melanie herself)

What fun we had.

So that's it for now


Stay tuned for Monday morning

when the winning number will be drawn.


XOX Rella


La Dolce Vita said...

oh what great fun and such beautiful treasures!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Yes that rose looks REAL I cant believe it isnt.

Funny Ive been thinking as you about monday morning.I have crossed fingers and toes over some giveaways,lol ment lots of nice people,added new friends as well.If not one thing I get from any giveaway.I have got new friends, and a new inspiration to create my own giveaway next year.That makes me feel good.

Happy Valentines day to you Rella!~~Becky

Debby said...

Oh Rella, I love your new additions for your space. And wow, your valentine boxes are both totally awesome, what a beautiful swap. Happy Valentine's Day!

Melinda said... both gave such gorgeous gifts!!!

Awishdream said...

Oh Rella!

I have been strolling through your lovely blog and what a ..delight!...Wow-weee! I saw you put your gorgeous Valentine surprise to me on your blog! I'm still drooling over all the goodies!! how fun this swap was and getting to know you was the MOST delightful part of all!

Love you girl!!
~Mel ;)