Somewhere along the journey,

I began to look at the last day, the last night

of each year

as magical.

Rather like sweeping out the house

and turning around with a renewed spirit..

eager anticipation of good things to come.

That is how I look upon 2010.

Eagerly welcoming the magic that will occur.

Adding to the wonder is the fact

that we will have the second full moon of the month.

a "Blue Moon"

A blue moon occurs every two and half years on average,

(according to NASA)

There hasn't been a month with two full moons since 2007 on June 1 and again on June 30th.

The last time a blue moon fell on Dec. 31 was in 1990.

Research shows me that a blue moon appears on New Years Eve

every 19 years!

The first full moon this month occurred

on Dec. 2.

So, my bloggies, THIS is

a very


New Years Eve, indeed.

With that in mind,

I want to host my first GIFT AWAY of the year.

A Laini Taylor, Magical Angel
(She is brand new in the box - from Bottman Designs
I did not make her.)

She hangs a bit over 9" and both sides are the same.

I think she can remind us all year that there IS magic all around

Just leave a comment here

(with your e-mail if you don't have a blog so I can contact the winner easily)

There are no rules or regulations...just leave me a note.

and be sure to pass the word.......the more the merrier as they say.

The name by numbers will be chosen by a computer program

next Thursday evening.

So with that, I wish you all a



New Year.

May all your wishes come true.

(image credit nasa - i c stars)

xox Rella


Julia said...

That's a lovely angelina Rella and I would love if she had to fly to Holland to stay with me :):)
All the best wishes for a Happy New Year xxx

La Dolce Vita said...

Happy Blue Moon! Happy New Year! hope Spike is better ...

Sharon said...

I just love getting all you "Moon" information. Thanks Faerieluna. I always find it so interesting.

Tami Roth said...

Oh Rella, what a beautiful giftie!!! I'm so looking forward to our full moon tomorrow too! I even took the day off to celebrate with the family. Have fun sweetie,

Christy Laudig said...

What a lovely "magical" faerie she is. And thank you so much for providing us with the information about the blue interesting.

Happy New Year to you too!!

laudigs at embarqmail dot com

catworx said...

Happy New Blue Moon Year to you too!!! It almost sound Dr Seuss, doesn't it!!
I love your pretty faerie giveaway, so please put my name into the drawing!!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what a gorgeous piece you have created! :)
I hope you have a Happy New Year and may 2010 be blessed with all good things!

Rella said...

Well, so far the number is 7. That is a very lucky number...for me, anyhow :) I see by a post here that I need to go back in and make sure I say I did not make this angel. She is packaged just as she came from Bottman Designs. Brand spanking new and not my creation. I go.
Thank you, my seven dolls, for leaving notes. Tell your friends to stop on by.
xox Rella

MJ said...

I believe in magical moon as well. My daughter was born on a lunar eclipse and her middle name is Luna
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: I Love all things from Bottman designs!!! Her faes are great!
Hope you had a happy new year and I loved the blue moon, too. It was snowing here again last night and was so pretty.
Audra Mae

See Sam Sew said...

New Year ~ a New Friend ! If I thought someone would like my paper doll, I would do a gift away too ! ha ha ha !!!

Happy New Years ~

Leslie Anderson said...

Rella, what a beautiful and generous giveaway to start out the new year!

Happy New Year!