Good morning my friends.

The sun shines (it's wonderfully chilly)

and heading out to the patio seems in order.

However, I see I am not the first to make this decision today!

Olivia is out there already

with the most recent additions here at Faerieluna

Mia (pink hair) and Mave (blue hair)...yes, twins, sort of.

Apparently, Olivia was doing a Google search on her new laptop
(Santa was good to Olivia this year)

........and the little M's scurried right out to see what she was up to

and bombarded her

immediately with questions about using the laptop.

As IF Ms. O would allow those two pesky

sprites to play around with her most favorite of all gifts.

Since Olivia has been honing her photography skills lately,

she decided to snap a few pics of the twins.

Not bad at all...a little staged, but not bad at all.

I decided to go back inside at get back to work

as I am using this week off to totally redo the Nest.

Yes..........the whole week.

(with a small exception or two...like making more button faeries...
trip to get the hair done...date with Mr. J.)

Yesterday's project was the closet.


I have things in there that have not seen the light of day

in almost five years.

Out they go!!

Goodwill or trash (after taking off buttons).

I am paring down and have promised to send photos to my little bird once it's done.

But I will be taking the photos.........NOT Ms. O.

Have a sun-shiny day wherever you are!!

xox Rella


Julia said...

Thank you so much for visiting and comment on my blog! Yours are a feast to visit. So much beauty to see here!
Wishing you all the best for a great New Year.

Greetings from Holland,
Julia xxx

Sharon said...

Oh yes the closet and five years or more............I'm on that mission soon too.
Happy New Year!