Summer heat circled round and hit us again this week
100 and over here in the desert.

To those of you that saw temps in the 40's and even
a dusting of snow,
(Bony Bear) well, I guess you might think you'd like to trade.
Certainly for the sunshine and blue skies.

There hasn't been much going on here at the nest
I've not picked up a drawing pencil, or paintbrush in weeks it seems.

What we have here is a state of 'limbo'

Art Limbo.

Oh, it whispers to me, that creative voice...

  • As I notice a leaping rabbit in a bit of cirrus cloud, legs extended gracefully back.

  • A peek of a rainbow one misty morning on the way to work and I smile with hope

  • The gorgeousness of the produce isle at my favorite gourmet market

as I leave the drama at the desk for a lunch hour
of peace
and 'eye candy'

  • along with this winged creature

just inside the door who seemed as weary as I was that afternoon.

  • The dancing shadow of the Mexican Bird of Paradise against the stucco wall across the street
that caught my searching eyes as I stood in complete silence

gazing out the window.........

trying to keep my
To Do List small

and allow myself to decompress

and live in the moment.

So while I am not creating,

I am



picking up my camera,

and allowing the simple beauty around me to soak in


and ignite the creative spirit.

All the while thinking about what I'd really love to do
(and wondering what is stopping me...aside from myself)

and that is to create and make dolls and characters.

to use my sewing and painting and sculpting skills

and (very) active imagination

and bring to life not the frilly, buttons and bows type of doll
(although one might slip in unannounced)


What I am dreaming of would stand in the section called


yes, that is what I am dreaming of....

That is the desire....

the start of the 'fire'

..the door marked OUT

of Limbo.

I stand just inside, with hand reaching out to turn the knob



Anonymous said...

Don't run. Just turn the knob, open the door, and just peek inside. No one says you have to do anything yet. Just look inside and see what's there. Then take tiny pencil, one brushstroke, one thread at a time. Before you know it, you'll be diving in and not running anywhere. Just do it a little at a time, cuz an inch is a cinch.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz and lovezzzzzzzzz,
Audra Mae

Anonymous said...

I understand Limbo! Just keep looking round and taking pictures.
Thank you sweetie for stopping by my blog and for the prayers and caring.


Sharon said...

Go on Out there. I can't wait to see
I'm kinda there too. Well not in limbo but in Odd.