Dear Ones ~ Four Junes ago, with trepidation, I began this blog Faerieluna.

Such a struggle it was to put it 'out there' that now, four years plus later,

I am amazed to be still at it!

As with all things in life, change is necessary and rather inevitable.

We morph many times

if we are fortunate to live several decades in this life.

Where am I going with this? you wonder........

Nothing Earth shattering, I promise.

Just a wee change.

The face of Faerieluna will be under construction for a bit.

It's just time.

Kind of like Fall cleaning and rearranging the furniture.

I considered going to the OTHER blog place...and even set up a little trial.

But I wasn't as comfortable there.

Not yet, anyhow.

So blogger is where I shall stay... for now.

Soon you will see the complexion of Faerieluna change

(this will include the addition of new blogs on my sidebar-blogroll)

Some of you will love it instantly.

Others will scrunch up their faces with that sound of "hmmmmmmm"

and not be loving it so much. That's worries.

Bottom line: I feel the time has come,

overdue actually, for a little change.

And now I am off to bake some cupcakes and enjoy the bliss of being here in the Nest.

This is the place I would like to be sitting a spell while creating a new blog page
imagine the gentle fragrance of salty, ocean spray wafting through the cottage.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.

xox Rella


Piper said...

Your ocean cottage looks very inviting. Would like to stretch out in that chair with a good book and listen to the ocean. I look forward to seeing what changes are coming here. Have also been considering the need for a blog update... but that would mean more work and of course I'd then feel obligated to post more frequently!

peggy gatto said...

I am happy to stayed tuned with my art friend!!!

suze said...

What a beautiful room. I could certainly spend the day in that chair.
I'm looking forward to the new and improved blog site.