A little 'Eye Candy' on this Sunday

I have several artists of old that I just adore

So I thought that over the next several days

as I try to fix the bug that has my banner captive

I would share a few.

This one is by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite


'Fairy Beauty Rocks a Babe'

There is a hint of Arthur Rackham, don't you think?

one of my most favorite old time illustrators
This one is titled: 'Exquisite Fairy Dancing'

This is called: 'Serpentine'
I don't often see this particular one out there in the retail world

A fabulous resource for prints is Artsy Craftsy dot com

I do not know the artist here

however, as faerieluna, I am drawn, of course,

to the moon and faerie theme.

Then there is Sulamith Wulfing

Breathtaking is the only word that describes her work to me

This one is titled: 'Transfiguration'

That's it for today, my friends

We could call it

Faerie Notes from the Nest

xox Rella


peggy gatto said...

I adore the morning glories!!

suze said...

Rella, where is your blog banner? How did it disappear?
Morning glories rock!!

Anonymous said...

Awww..love the fairy pictures! Thankyu for sharig, andtan yu for your well wishes at my blog. As you can see I'm having compur prolems!