I am hoping the creator of my blog banner which I purchased a few years ago, will help me fix
this photobucket snafu. I am awaiting word. If not, I will need to create a new blog and banner.

If any of you dear bloggies knows the way around the code necessary to fix this
I now have possession of the blog banner through photobucket. Give me a shout.

Sorry for the lackluster opening page..........stay tuned.


Sharon said...

You don't have to create a new blog. But I can't tell you what to do. Do you know how to go to the "layout" section on your blog from the "dashboard" page?

theresa martin said...

Have you tried uploading the banner again via your dashboard?

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Thank you Sharon and Theresa, and my new DIL Lish...everything I ever learned about blogging layout is not working.

xo RElla