Well, certianly NOT blogging.

I have been busy, however, with some fun things.

Number one, I have been happily taking photos

now that the cord was found!

it was like losing friend. O.K. not THAT dramatic, certainly.

So, here is the scoop on my doings.

One - still at the joy sucking desk job. While that sounds equally dramatic,
I suspect that is all too close to the truth.

After an over-the-top negative day this week - I walked out of the building to my car
and took a deep breath

and instantly felt cleansed of the bad energy.

Have you ever just stayed at a job because you felt the proximity to home and the somewhat decent pay and benefits were


when not too far down inside you you knew that

it really was toxic?

o.k.........on to the fun.

As much as I resisted over the past few years,

I have been smitten by Blythe.

Yes, I have fallen and have no intention of getting up.

I now have two ADG Blythes.

The first was Pleasant Pheasant and the second to follow was Kozy Kape.

Right off the bat I wanted to alter them.

Eventually I will take the plunge and customize their heads,

But for now, I satisfied myself with braiding the PP and totally cutting the KK.

I laughed as I took out my scissors and propped her up. I never so much as trimmed my dolls' hair when I was a kid.

But as an adult I had no fear taking inches off.

Here the two girls talk about the upcoming makeover.

Is this not the cutest??

These big headed, big eyed girls would give my daughter the willies for sure when she was little.
Many dolls creeped her out.

When I am done I am hoping at least one of them is just creepy-cute enough to jazz me totally.
and even my little bird might like them.

Little missy on the left is going to get the hair cut.

She arrived here with her own pet, a felted, long haired hamster.

This is the 'AFTER' shot

posing with her new coat, boots, and haircut.

Ohhhhh, and she finally was named.

Daria Bijoux

Now that Daria has her new look,
someone is wondering when she will sit in the stylist's chair.

Perhaps once her personality and name are revealed, I will know in what direction we are going with her.

One thing has been clear since PP arrived.

She is gentle, loves little children, and writes wonderful stories.

I captured her one morning showing a wee one around

reassuring her tiny charge that the hissy, pissy,

four legged creature

in the other room was not as scary as she appeared.

But perhaps when you are a little mouse-girl.............

it's natural to be SCAREEEEDDDDD!!!


Eventually, Ms. PP had to pick her up and cuddle her a bit.

Sometimes you just need a hug

and a little reassurance

that everything will be o.k.

Any Blythe addicts out there.......drop me a line.
Ms. Lynnie already jumped in with me.

I will no doubt post more with them on my faerie doll blog The FaerieKeeper
(Link on the side blogroll)

Ohhhhhh, and I have some new dolly Moo cards coming
if anyone has Blythe Moo Cards and would like to exchange, let me know.

That's it for now.

xox Rella


Maija said...

You are too funny! I think your "girls" are so darling!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella!!!!!!!!! So good to see you blogging again!!! I am just over the top loving the photos of the Blythes. I am going to find some time to find funky, new clothes for my girls. Yours look so cool and hip and mine are feeling like the "country cousins" at this point. Not too mention that name, Daria Bijoux. (Daria Bejelewed, no?)
How fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend and just forget about all the toxicity at the desk job for the next few days. Enjoy and keep breathing in all that cleansed air.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzz and more hugzzzzzz,
Audra Mae

Anonymous said...

Okay, the Blythe U tube video was just over the top!!!!!! Fun, fun, fun and so great!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I am now a total Blythe fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audra Mae

suze said...

Cute dolls. They would creep out my DH...really! He is especially creeped by dolls with teeth.

Jamie said...

No wonder you wanted your cord back!! You need to take photos of your sweet new girls! I love Daria's haircut and sassy boots. i will be emailing today after school gets out. Lots to tell:) Love, Jamie

dogfaeriex5 said...

awesome, i secrectly have a blythe fetish..no dolls but i love hearing all about them....daria is way cool!!!xo

JudyK said...

I loooove her haircut! She is adorable! Weren''t you scared to cut it? I want to Goth mine so I ordered a wig. Not sure if I'll cut the hair or just wig it. I have two now. Haven't taken the time to welcome them yet! You make me want to play!