My little bird.

She came

She worked

She flew away.

For the fifth year in a row my daughter flew in to help at the cafe

during the Balloon Festival.

Three insane days of mostly out of town customers

crazy blocked off streets making navigation through town interesting

looooooooooong hours

hard work and very little play.

We never could have done it without her.

People often ask us what is the hardest thing in running a cafe?

All five years our answer is the same.


Finding and keeping.

So we really need all the help we can get for the two art fairs each year.

She flew in one day before the insanity began

which gave us a wonderful

Mother/Daughter day

We started at a fun and funky,
rather bohemian eatery in Phoenix called


We arrived as the huge iron gates were being unlocked at 10 a.m.

and two stone angels greeted us as we walked up the steps

delicious banana coconut muffins
fresh out of the oven...so we had to take two home


Yes, I brought the camera into the bathroom
How cool is this??

I think I'd like to do one wall like this at the cafe

Then off to the Botanical Gardens

to the Dale Chihuly exhibit

of amazing blown glass


these were my favorites
they seemed like ethereal beings

artistically set

are you thinking 'body snatchers?'

amidst the flora, and cactus

under the brilliant blue sky

so stunning

me and my little bird

and now she is gone

This beauty was flitting about and leading
us to the butterfly garden

leaving memories


on film

on paper

deeply in my heart


Sharon said...

What a treat to have that kind of help. Too bad she couldn't stay just a little bit longer.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely visit with your little bird. You didn't tell me about Dale Chihuly!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him!!! His exhibit in NY at the Botanical Gardens was amazing!!! What a different and beautiful vibe in Arizona!!!!!!!!!
Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz to you,
Audra Mae aka Lynnie

Maija said...

Sounds like a beautiful day- days- with your daughter!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oooo we got to see Chihuly indoors on a visit to SF and it was fabulous, but the setting you are sharing is amazing = WOWEE, sounds like a perfect day

I think it's clever btw that your blog posts are never dated, at least not that I can tell.