I left that crazy place a little after two today.

The head of the company always sends a 2:00 dismissal the day before a holiday.

How lovely is that?

MY boss, however, is not happy with

that policy

and seldom do we get to leave at that time.

Today I was hopeful for 4:00 as the cafe was closed down for two days and Mr. J. and I were going to head to dinner.

Miracle of miracles,
our little office headed out the door,
Who insisted we all leave and would not leave unless we did, also!!


Could this be the start of something new and wonderful??

So off we go

my date and I,

on a lovely, lovely late afternoon and have an early dinner.

As we left the establishment it was still light out and looking up there was

the moon and her side-kick,
about 3 to 4 degrees away.....


So pretty.

Once back in town, we headed down the Avenue of the Fountains.

A boulevard, actually that is lit up for the holidays.

I took this with the fountain in the background that shoots up so high every hour on the hour and it back-lit at night.

This photo is for my three chicks

who have never been here for Christmas

but know this street very well

and that fountain.

I sure do miss you.

This photo I took for Lynnie.

Through one of those 'gauzy trees' looking up at a palm tree.

A little reminder of Arizona for you.

And last but not least. Fortune Cookie wisdom.

So as I say good night to you all

and wish you a Happy New Year,

I will take this 'fortune' and wish us all

Freedom and Happiness in 2009.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i love the fortune! How true..
i just wanted to wish you a happy new year. love nita

Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Rella!

Ryan said...

Happy New Year MOM!!! 2009 will be a very special year and I look forward to the great times that we will have together!

Sharon said...

How cool all of your pictures are. I especially love the two trees.
Hope your evening was lovely and wishing you the best year ever. Expect it.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

That was one of the best Fortune Cookie readings I have seen in a long time that makes some sense. Play those numbers in the Lottery and see if you win. Happy New Year.

suze said...

Happy New Year Rella!!
xo suze

Anonymous said...

Little Cindy Rella: Thanks so much for the picture with the gauzy tree!!! So sweet of you!!! I loved all of the photos....esp. the bird ones!
Happy New Year and love to you!
Lynnie AKA Audra Mae