Arriving today,

Our New Moon arrives in Capricorn.

I cannot think of a better position than Capricorn right now

A sign that recognizes fear for what it is

and moves right through it,

attains success because of it

not in spite of it.

Capricorns seem to function from a belief that no path is too steep,

no height too lofty to attain,

there is nothing to fear.

Capricorn’s incredible ability to achieve comes from hanging in for the long haul and not giving up,

even when the going gets tough.

Well, it sure has been looking tough these past few months, eh?

This is the best New Moon for setting goals,

starting projects,

and making serious commitments.

Capricorn is a realist.

With Saturn in Virgo, reality is the ticket to success on this New Moon.

The Sun, Moon, Mars, and Pluto are in early degrees of Capricorn

with Mercury and Jupiter at the end of the sign,

totaling six planets in Capricorn at this New Moon.

Capricorn is such an interesting sign.

Even though it is associated with government,


and the father of the family,

it is feminine in polarity and the third earth sign.

Keep in mind, also, that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Capricorn

and the planet responsible for teaching us to respect boundaries and limitations and to follow through on our commitments.

On this New Moon we are getting a clear message

to grow up

and accept responsibility

for ourselves

in all facets of our lives.

It is time to be creative with what we have on hand.

The Pluto-Mars conjunction in Capricorn is powerful and implacable, and we need to be aware this is not a good time

to stir up trouble,

because the response may be far more than we bargained for.

With Mars in Sagittarius, tempers flare quickly but cool quickly, too, but this is not the case in Capricorn. This Pluto-Mars conjunction can cause people to hold a grudge for a long, long time so the wiser course of action is to take the high road and behave with maturity.

The new moon signifies a start of a new personal cycle each month.

It's a time to renew or revise our goals, reach for what we wish for most and renew ourselves.

When setting goals or aspiring towards our dreams and desires it is important to keep a few things in mind.

First of all,

our wishes should only involve ourselves.

We cannot try to change others,

only our attitudes towards those people,

in hopes that they will respond favorably to us.

Another important aspect of this process

is to meditate on the qualities of the sign that the new moon is occurring in.

These astrological qualities will give us powerful hints on what to strive for, and how to approach or strategize towards what we want to accomplish.

O.k., that’s a lot to read,

and I’m sure I’ve lost

a few readers by now.

So, if you’ve stayed with me to this point

I offer a challenge.

The next New Moon is January 26th.

Make a bookmark, any shape, any size.

Include in your composition two things. The moon, and text you feel is powerful or moving to you. Sign the back and include your e-mail address and or blog.

This is a one for one swap so you will mail your creation to me on the 26th of January and include a self addressed envelope.……..I will

carefully choose

a bookmark for you

and mail it back to you……..with a little something from me.

Moon-themed, of course.

I will be making a bookmark to trade, also. I've not made a bookmark

since September, 2007

when I was thousands of feet in the clouds

returning from the saddest of gatherings.

It's time for a new one

with new hope

on this New Moon

Leave a comment here to let me know you are joining in and I will send you my address.


Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: I will be sending you a bookmark. I loved reading your very interesting and informative post.
Audra Mae

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say in my last post, how much I lovezzzzzz that little white haired faerie in your message. Her eyes are so lovely.....where did you get her????
Hugzzzzz, again,
Audra Mae

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I knew you would join me, Audra Mae...I know your fondness for bookmarks. Remember the Zetti bookmarks from years ago??!!!

xo Rella

andyann said...

Hello, Rella. Thank you. I would love to participate in the bookmark exchange.
Thank you for this and also for the new moon and Capricorn information.

Jamie said...

Rella, I would love to participate in the bookmark exchange. It is so good to see you and know that I look at your wonderful art piece in my studio everyday:) Love, Jamie