I usually do my hair and a light smattering of make-up each day
without the aid of my 'cheap, reader glasses'

......and I usually go through that process
quite early under (kind) lamp lighting

.......today, as I am home

and away from the Drama At The Desk

I went through the process much later in the morning
with natural lighting

I put my readers on after the said process and picked up the hand mirror

and discovered my hazel eyes seem to match my hair!!!!

Not being good at self portraiture with equally cheap digital camera

I did my best to get close
(scary...parents are advised to make small children leave the room)
with the lens to share this discovery.

What do you think Audra Mae?????

IF you click on the photos it will enlarge to the point where you can see the portion around my pupil is the very same color as the hair.


Anonymous said...

Nice discovery Rella. I had to run and check mine. I also have hazel eyes and reddish (except for the gray parts) hair. Mine kinda matches too. Never thought about it before.
xo suze

suze said...

Oh, that was me. I thought I was signed in...duh!

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, dear Rella, the colors are somewhat similar. However, your eyes and hair both look gorgeous in the photos! I wish I looked so good close up!!!!!!!!!!
Audra Mae

Sandra Evertson said...

I love it when that sort of thing happens! Isn't it just so great to be discovering new things about our selves our whole lives!
Sandra Evertson

Maija said...

Perfect match!

Sharon said...

Beautiful hair and eyes. I think my hazel eyes are like that too but I can't see that well. I know my hair isn't though. It is just as gray as a winter day. Easy to see. My grandaughter's eyes are solid gold and matches her hair when she is not doing something crazy to it.

I recieved very cool Arizona mail yesterday.
More later,