What I have:

New issue of Somerset Holiday & Celebrations

filled with beautiful holiday artwork.
Not just Christmas, but Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day......

It's just lucsious.

What I am looking for:

Cloth Paper Scissors issue,

Number 5 to be exact.
Winter 2005.

Now, this is a pretty good deal since
this brand spanking new Holiday issue is twice the price.

But you see, when you really want something, the value is dear.

I can order a back issue.............but this is more fun!!!

Leave me a comment here to begin the swap process if you are interested.


suze said...

If I can find it I will trade with you. I'll check back later.

suze said...

I am looking for it. Will let you know if I can locate it.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Rella,
So great to catch up with you again. No worries about the link request -- all is resolved. Hope you're well.


Sandra Evertson said...

Love the painting below!

suze said...

Still looking but no luck.

Sarah said...

Rella what a wonderful book!!1 I wanted to say a big thank you for my card that arrived in the post I have just moved house so i was lucky to get it!!! I will cherish forever thank you sweet friend Hugs Sarah xx