AS I WAS SAYING......................

during the quiet time here at faerieluna
I was working on and off to make this paper doll.

Using one of the fab STAMPOTIQUE original stamps

#6051 'Prom Queen"
in the Jill Penney & Daniel Torrente line

I stamped her on matt board this time to experiment
since I seem to have a stack of not quite 8X10 pieces

which is what happens when you order 8x10 pieces and
the company sends you pieces that measure about 8 1/4 x10

I gave her color with water colors
then cut her out with an X-acto knife

making sure I did this after only ONE cup of coffee

the backside I painted black, then decided to lay down
some thin decoupage paper with the medium gel
and after a spritz with a sealant,
I gave her front side two coats of gel.

Using the same advanced technique
to cut the cork and give it a grooved channel,
then gave her a good amount Liquid Nails
and inserted her feet into the cork.

A layer of black gesso takes away the 'corky' look.

After purchasing several sizes of wood mounts, I had a stash
to pick the right size to

fit the classic statement


another fab stamp from Stampotique
that is under Carol's line

I will get back to you about the number
but I do remember I 'arrowed' over 16 times
(I have a thing about counting.....
pages, each slice of the knife, twists of the jar lid
it's an odd thing)

I used StayzOn ink in black for the stamping
of the word

Then got the Liquid Nails out again to adhere the cork to the mount.

She sat (or stood) on my desk for a while...
her attitude filling my sTuDiO WiTh a bEd

She needed something else I felt

Then it hit me.
Just a bit of green and pink tulle fashioned
into an overskirt.
It's hard to see, but there it is.

I like it.

She STILL has attitude, so don't ask her!!


Bristol said...

I love this, so cute with an attitude

Sharon said...

oh wHaTEver......
cutest thing I have ever seen

That counting thing is bazar....I know because I do it too.

The overskirt was the perfect thing to do.

Cindy Dean said...

She is soooo cute! I say Whatever all the time!

Lori said...

heh heh heh, she is really cute Rella...i am HUGELY impressed that she is cut out of matt board...i can barely cut through that stuff with my industrial paper cutter...yep, very impressed:)

suze said...

She's really funky! I mean that in a good way.

Betzie said...

I love reading your funny! I get kick of them. Ms. Whatever is just too cute!
I bought two of their stamps myself after being inspired by you, but haven't gotten to them yet. One of these moons!
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

She is THE cutest and I swear I saw her roll her eyes, tilt her head and say.......whatever!!!
Love it!

Sarah said...

I am a HUGE fan of this stamp line - and I love what you have done with this one. She has ATT IT TUDE written all over her :)

love the little skirt