Now going backwards
to when I began the shadowbox

you see the size. Simple wooden box with hinged door front.

I thought I would gesso and paint, but changed my mind and
went for a very soft look
The reason: I did not want to detract from the doll character.
I wanted everything else to be secondary.

I painted the box with a cream colored acrylic
Note the hotel post-it notes that work beautifully as temporary paint guards.
I often use post-it notes to mask or protect something while stamping or painting.

for the backdrop of the box I had two papers to choose from

and went with the crackle look using double-stick tape to attach it to the back rather than a paper glue
to keep the paper from getting too wet and buckling
in the drying process

to that, I added a bit of paint in a dry brush sort of technique Later I added tiny bits of blue and pink to give some more dimension, but I did not take a picture of that process as I think
you understand that part.

Black pigment ink for spider webs and spider

and printer text for the words on white paper
which were then colored with pigment ink
to allow the paper to blend in better.

The swag at the top is a stamp that I added some pink chalk ink and touches of
turquoise pigment. After cutting it out, it was glued directly to the top frame after checking
to make sure the door would close without a problem.

In hindsight I think I would have embossed
not only the paper doll, but the spider web, and the swag.

I think it would just 'pop' more.
I would suggest taking the time to do that.

Remember the hacked off cork?
It had two more uses as I went along.

One to ink up with brown StayzOn ink to hit the wood randomly

Second was to prop up the open door
to alleviate any pressure on the hinges

I've had hinges like these come undone while working
with the door open

I don't need Two Strikes to learn something. Once is typically enough!!

The random brown ink was not enough and I went in with the pink fresco chalk ink and
then later with a turquoise pigment ink.

So there you have it.
Little missy can come out of the box on her stand
and be placed anywhere.........

or she could be displayed in her shadowbox.

Getting a good picture with the door closed was impossible. So you will have to settle for wide open door shot.


Piper said...

I've enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing your creative process for this fun project! I now have a new source for rubber stamps an an idea for all those wine corks I've been saving! :)

dogfaeriex5 said...

she rocks....