I usually multi-task while I wait
on the phone.......
enter information or jump into some type of search for an obscure journal article
that simply MUST be found and put in someone hands that day

But today lacked the typical drama and I picked up a pencil and a scrap of copy paper
zippitydodah....a little fae
Which inspired me to pick up the fabulous watercolor pad later
and start a new piece......
then pull out my little travel watercolor paint set and water brush

and here is the beginning of a new sprite.

But it's late now
and as much as I so want to work on her some more
I know that I only have enough awake moments
to stop here and share.

It's been a long day
but a good one

and I hope that I said or did something today
that brought at least one person a smile or even a little bit of joy
I hope I laughed enough and spoke more positive words than negative

and I really hope that my dreams are peaceful . I will put that out to the universe...for myself and for you, my friends.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

My friend Donna would love this. Very sweet..
xoxo Nita

Sharon said...

Good morning, you make me want to do pointy ears. These two are full of life and spirit. Even maybe a little devilish spirit. They brought me a smile indeed. and I had peaceful but strange dreams that I recounted to dh at the awakening moment.
It's gonna be a good day!

zorana said...

You have certainly made me smile. That little sprite is perfect even unfinished. What a look she has! Peaceful dreams. xo

Heather said...

wow, what a beautiful, delicate little faerie!~