140 lb. watercolor paper is a great weight to use for postcards!

So using black StazOn ink, and the super cool
Stampotique 'Art Girl, #6056R,
(remember her from the shadow box project?)

I stamped onto a 4x6 piece of watercolor paper
and then added
some color to her with my watercolors.

Once dry, I added bits of color without any plan,
EXCEPT I knew there would be flowers
at her feet.

With that in mind,
I dabbed different colors here and there.
Let it dry.
(or use hair dryer if you are in a hurry)

Now I just looked at it for a bit
and it seemed to me that I could sketch in a wall
the top colors would be obscured trees with sky peeking through.

Out comes the fine point Micron pen and the flowers 'blobs' come to life.

The wall is outlined
and very subtly,
the background tree tops
as a 'suggestion' of trees

Quick, fun, and now it's ready to write a little message and address.

You take a deep breath at this point

and trust

that there will be no rain
(I mailed within the desert- so I felt a bit confident)
and pop it in the mail box.

Now, if you are not that confident about the rain part,
you could mail it in a
see through protective envie.......

but be sure to put a regular first class
stamp on it
as it is not technically a post card but an envelope.


Sharon's comment got me to thinking...
matte gel might possibly smear the watercolor..


I remember something I read recently
regarding protecting non waterproof ink
when addressing a hand written letter

(I have a new Signal fountain pen that I adore)

Rub a white candle over the writing
to protect it from the elements.

Now some of you have bees wax and the melty thing for that
but I don't know if the liquid wax would ruin the watercolor or not

So I will try the candle hint
and get back to you.

Post Post Script

I had a white votive candle
which I think is the perfect shape

and I was able to rub it over the
front and back of a watercolor postcard I did this afternoon


Sharon said...

My friend Rella, this is precious. I love your watercolors and your little flowers. This looks so fun. Norah's fighting with me today and I have just about had Enough of it. So maybe I need to give this a try. And do you have any Golden matte medium. Not sure but I think it would seal the watercolor. I know it would seal it but I don't now if it would smear it. Experiment.....

Anonymous said...

Don't use the matte medium. Try a Krylon Spray fixative or matte sealant. That will not allow the watercolor to run. I love the spray sealers!
Oh, and your postcard is divine!!!!
Audra Mae

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

what a sweet card. I love this stamp, and have been coveting it since you first showed her to us. Anxious to hear what will work (not smear) the work..