I Love Tim Gunn
O.K......he's not about hair, really
but he sure is fun.

So, I did some quick hair designs this afternoon.......
which made me crazy to do a whole set of sprites
(Adding one more thing to my list what I want to do)

.......and then I came home and went a totally different direction.

Let's see where she goes from here.
She has a mind of her own and has informed me
she wants two earrings in one ear and none in the other,
a particular wrap to her ponytail that may
include flowers....
she is trying to nix the white dress,
but I am doing my best to hold on to that at least.
I have some ideas for the background additions

and her dress

maybe some text...

who knows where it will go before I put her down
and say....

like my art sister a few states over


I find sprites to be strong willed creatures
accustomed to having their own way

...............the red headed ones especially.

they are my favorite.

Give me an intelligent, independent, spirit any day!


zorana said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! LOVE the sketches! And love watching the process of her coming to life!

Sharon said...

I love every one of them. You have to do more more more.