With pure delight I mailed off my faerie slippers to Patti in California
and eagerly awaited the slippers that were coming my way
all the way from England.....near Kent.


I was the fortunate Slipper Sister to receive Lorraine's slippers that
she fashioned for Shakespeare's Ophelia.
(Lorraine does not have a blog yet for me to link...soon I hope)

The photos on our Paper Whimsy forum did not do justice to these stunning gems.


try as I might,

I could not take photos that would come across well enough.

I am not sure if it's all the glimmer and sparkle

of beads and glass glitter

but I took almost 50 shots and these are the best....none of which make me happy.

The workmanship is so superb it is obvious why these won best of show
YES!!! I received the slippers that were judged Best in Show!!!

They are exquisite............

Also what does not translate well in photo
is the gorgeous glass glitter adhered to the inside edges

and look who scampered in to take a closer look.........

all I did was walk away for a second and I swear!!

But who could blame her........I could not wait to touch them either!!!!

My little slippers were received with such delight and are in a very happy home.

This project and exchange was the most fun I've had in a long time.

I have displayed these jewels on my art wall in my sTuDiO wItH A bEd.

Lucky, lucky me.


peggy gatto said...

Lucky you is right!!!

theresa martin said...

You are lucky and so is Patti! Both pairs of slippers are wonderful.

misspvc said...

Oh I couldn't agree more the Theresa!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOO lucky to get your beautiful slippers Rella!!!! THANK YOU for making this such a fantastic ending to a wonderful project! I really enjoyed making Willa's woodland slippers and hope Laura enjoys them even half as much as I LOVE yours!!!! they are just scrumptious and all the lovely packaging you sent it in....just heavenly!!!! THANKS AGAIN dear one...and enjoy the BEST IN SHOW (I still think I got those hehehehe) cuz of course they're PINK!!!! hehehehehe!
hugest of hugs
Patti V

catworx said...

Beautiful pix of the beautiful slippers that you received...and the beauties that you mailed...such pretties all around!!!
I'm thrilled with the slippers I received as well, yoohoo, Peggy!!!

zorana said...

Looking at both pairs of slippers is like stepping into a beautiful story... Amazing work and talent!

suze said...

Rella, those slippers are amazing! And I love the pinks you are working with. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I checked out your stained glass doors and they are stunning! I love the cute little hummers.
And thanks again for the info on the dolls....and I heeded your warning. I don't need another addiction at this time.
Have a great week!

Dawn said...

Rella having held these beautiful slippers in my hands I know what you mean about photos not doing them justice - they are magical, and just shimmer with beauty....lucky you xxx

Judy K said...

They are ALL beautiful and full of imagination! Awwww. I wish I had been part of this swap. Who started it?


Maija said...

I already told you how gorgeous your slippers were. I am so ahppy you received such a magnificent pair of your own!!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Rella, wow, how wonderful. I'm wishing now I had done this...loose ya snooze.


and on my, the art doll you have for sale is just delightful. Beautiful work Rella!!!