Traveling along in the car and you are overwhelmed with dry chapped lips.
(especially living in the desert when see the humidity is like 6%)

You know there is a lip balm stick in your bag sitting on the seat next to you.

You are a good and careful driver

and you KNOW what is in your bag
so you reach over
without taking your eyes off the road....

and you feel for your lip balm.......your fingers discover the familiar shape

and you continue to keep your eyes on the road

and you pop the top off and bring it to your lips

only to discover you have just applied your glue stick to your lips.

Well, have you???


Anonymous said...

No, I have not done that, but I have brushed my teeth with Bikini Bare. That is a product to soothe you know where, after shaving,you know where. Note to self, keep these products in separate drawers!
Also, once I was so stressed out and distracted that I shampooed my hair with shower gel. Shit happens, I guess!
Audra Mae

Lisa Gallup said...

ROFLOL! I've never done that, but I HAVE reached into my jeans pocket, pulled out my chapstick to apply it to my lips, only to discover that I was holding a TAMPON up to my face! lol

Cindy Dean said...

LOL...you crack me up...I was totally relating to your story until you said gluestick! LOL I don't carry gluesticks in my purse but if I did, I would probably have done the same thing! Thanks for the laugh tonight!

kecia said...

no, can't say that i've glued my lips, but i'll have that chap stick in my hand and bringing it to my lips only to drop it down the side of the seat where my hand can't reach it! argggg.

Mo'a said...

Oh!!!dear that does sound painful...no I have never done that...but I have spayed my hear with Matte Medium...I don't know what it was doing in my bathroom next to my hairspray.

Mo'a said...

That would be hair... :)

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

ROFL!!! NO, I have never done that (not carrying glue stick in my purse would be the only reason why)...I hope you didn't smack your lips together!!!! :()

Dawn said...

Never done this, but I have done the tampon for pen mistake lol and I have put hair spray under my arms instead of deodrant - see us women do have our moments, bags are dangerous things.....