You will always know when I am taking photos at night
because the lighting is a soft glow and not true to color.....
.....but I love it anyhow.

Taken bedside with my arted up lamp.......
here she is with a touch darker color wash.
Not quite brunette.......
not exactly blond.

At this rate my sis will be lucky to receive her NEXT April.

I need to move on.
At my desk today

I took a few moments to totally withdraw
and picked up a pencil and a small piece of watercolor paper I keep on hand
and I drew a sweet little gal talking up a feathered friend on a tree branch......

just a wee little thing.
Not much bigger than my cell phone.....
totally rough,
but if I don't draw every day, even for a few minutes.......well, I just am out of sorts.

Ten minutes is all it takes.
It's like a breath of fresh air.

So my point is, if you love to do something so much you are totally driven,
grab whatever time you can

to see it through every day.

Even if it's only 10 minutes....

You owe it to yourself.

I may even color it in......
how else would you notice there is a climbing rose in the corner of the cottage??


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CathWren said...

Hell, just passing through. Oh, I couldn't agree more about life's passions in general but your post about drawing is so true. Going there is a meditation and the drawing, well it's visceral. You see it and you feel your way through it. I am at peace just thinking (dreaming) about it.