Some months ago I had a piece of heavy watercolor paper that had been given a wash of a few colors...

etched with my handy crooked fork.....

dabbed with ink.....

A rather blank canvas, really.

A few days later, I had extra white gesso on my brush from a project and began to swipe it on the canvas, totally free form.

This is what appeared..........

and I let it be for months.
Amazed with the faerie......wondering what would come of it.

A few weeks ago I took my pencils and paints and drew in a faerie holding a butterfly.

I wasn't loving the whole thing, but I was fond of the faerie.........

out came the scissors.

A paperdoll..........that I will bring to my 10 year old neice, Emily.
Jenny Wren's youngest child.

Tomorrow I hop a plane to stay with Emily for a few days while my brother and sister-in-law take a little vacation.

The first since they opened thier already huge hearts and thier home to this little girl now without parents.

I am packing art supplies, per her request, as we are going to make Valentines together for her new friends she has made in her new school...in her new life.

I will get to see and hear how this little one is doing,
how my brother and sister-in-law are doing after thinking there would never be children in their lives.
This younger brother of mine who has been there for all of us.
No matter what.
And his wife who is as dear as they come.

David, 16, chose to stay in Connecticut with other family members
to finish high school.

Jessica, 21, is with David for now and will move in to
an apartment with a girlfriend this Spring.

Little Emily who now has the opportunity for a beautiful life
that came at a very dear and precious price.


zorana said...

Lovely faerie! I love that you use a crooked fork on canvas. I think I need to find one for myself! It just sounds cool :-)

Lori said...

Rella, i hope you have a wonderful time with sweet Emily...and i hope life is kind from here on out to this girl who has suffered too much...i know she will love her paper doll:)

Sharon said...

Emily will love the sweet faerie. And I know her valentines will be the best ones. What a fun thing to do. I'll be thinking about you.

artbrat said...

The fairy is beautiful, but your loving kindness is what struck me most while visiting your blog. May you have a safe and blessed trip.

Mo'a said...

This lovely little faerie certainly came into being as she wanted to be with Emily.

kecia said...

so sad those kids being separated like that. you will have such a great time with your neice. your right,she's lucky to have this opportunity. have a great trip. and love the fairy doll you made.