Is there anything more wonderful than finding precious pieces of art in the mail?

Why, Yes
It's receiving one piece before heading out away from The Nest

This piece of gorgeousness arrived from my dear friend Lynnie. Isn't it just the best 'Eye Candy' in all it's pinkness??

Then another piece was waiting for me upon my return.

Sharon sent me a note
after I posted my Butterfly Keeper paper doll

that she was totally
motivated to make a paper doll.........

and boy, did she ever come through.

Not only making one

but sharing the whole process with us.

This motivated ME to try another.... how fun.

From the start, however, we agreed that we would swap dollies with each other.

She did, try to convince me to make a Valentine ATC, but I just don't do well with that
format lately.

Not sure why, I've made many in the past several years.

Thank you, Lynnie, for sending me off with love.

Thank you Sharon, for welcoming me home with love.

How lucky am I?


Lori said...

Sharon's doll is very cute, i love her wings:) and your mail love from your friends is very sweet!!!

Judy K said...

Hi Rella
What a great idea to swap paperdolls! They are all so cute.
Did you enter my giveaway?

God Bless

Sherry said...

Rella, you and Sharon are making some beautiful paper dolls. I keep saying I want to do this -- what is holding me back?! When I see these I think "go. do that. now."