She started here

.........and this is where she ended:

140 lb. cold pressed, watercolor paper...

background was added AFTER she was drawn, then painted with watercolor

I seem to do things backwards or at least have a brilliant moment after-the-fact.

The background is first a delicately patterned tissue paper layer with a light glaze
of Golden's Titan Buff and Yellow Ochre mix. A smattering of ink.

a collaged
birdie friend and the applied text.

Matted in cream with 4X4 opening in an 8X8 frame

I had the hardest time photographing her.

Glare was such a problem.

A professional I am NOT

I would have loved to show you the backwards process
but I got so lost in the 'doing' that I forgot about
the 'sharing'

I hope words are enough.


Lori said...

Rella, she is WONderful!!! i love her dress, her little friend, and her beautiful face...the backround is amazing...and she looks very sweet in her frame:)

Maija said...

She is so lovely, Rella!

Joan said...

Rella, she is exquisite!

Sharon said...

Hey girlfriend, you got it going. I'm just loving your new direction. Your girls and ladies are wonderful. I so wish we could do this together. Why can't you move to Texas?

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

This is the best one yet. I love everything about her. She is fabulous. Thank you dear Rella for the New Years card. I loved it. You are a beautiful soul.
xoxo Nita

dogfaeriex5 said...

she is a beauty!!
drawn by a beauty!!

Ryan said...

someday down the road there will be a person who buys one of your prints and then goes on antiques roadshow and she will say that she just fell in live with this picture and had to have it and the nutty old guy will ask her what she paid and she will tell him some sort of modest sum then he will say well I hope you know just how special this piece of art really is and then he will say that if he were to add your piece to auction today he would get in the area of $30,000-$40,000 after which the young woman would faint!

kecia said...

rella, these new pictures are so great. so soulful and sweet. before you photograph them, just don't add the glass to your frame. take the picture first and then add then glass. it will cut down on the glare!