Sunday, in the middle of something else entirely,
I got a Paper Doll urge

Out came my stamp I got last year at the Art Unraveled Shopathan
Brown Staz-on, on heavy water color paper

Add wings, of course.


give her some butterflies and her feathered friend in arms

and here she is set upon (not glued, just laying on the page for background)

Today I started this new drawing.
I have played for 25 minutes and now I have to drag myself off to prepare for the day and head to...........that other place.....

when THIS is where I want to remain
and finish her.


Lori said...

oh golly!!! all the good stuff in one beautiful piece, birds, butterflies, wings and a lovely little miss!!! this is JUST gorgeous Rella!!! oh and her dress is fab!!!

Sharon said...

Something has been wispering in my ear about paper dolls too. I have resisted but I don't know if I can much longer. She is so sweet and your new sketch is absolutely pure sweetness. I so wish you could stay home and play ART instead of having to go to that other place.

red tin heart said...

Love, love , love the paper doll. xoxo Nita

Sherry said...

There is something in the air about paper dolls...are we all regressing to the fond parts of our childhood?!? I love this one Rella!!

Betzie said...

Hi Rella,
Have been reading your blog and enjoying my visit so much. I just adore this paper doll. Have made some myself, but am always drawn to others and this one touched my heart. So sweet....hope to see you again!