Happy Friday!!!

I thought it would be fun to show you some steps and explain them.

This is not a tutorial in any way.

Not even close.

I giggle to even type the word tutorial when it comes to my crazy

approach to this love of late.

so here is the short version of what has gone on in the nest.

From top left to top right, then down to second left to second right. Numbered 1 - 4.

1.) face drawn and some watercolor added. Always the eyes are done first. It seems to give energy to the piece.

2.) Hair is begun.
This is a struggle for me right now because I love the face without hair.
I almost want to stop with just the face.

How crazy is that?

I don't want to take away from her features at all. But, alas.....I go in with trepidation. blond?
Brunette, probably...but start with auburn. My favorite.

3.) But the color and style do not jazz me.
It's a complimenting color for her...

but I know that will be possibly giving her some strong color for a background and her clothing...

and I am, if nothing else, my sister's, (the hair stylist) side kick.
We have had many, many discussions about hair shape and color.

Not about mine, mind you, as I am not an easy or typical client/model.

No....we have looked at photos of celebrities or just a gal passing by and I would say something like, "She would look FABULOUS with this type of color or that type of cut?!"
........or maybe I would say, "Geeze, with THAT face she could wear her hair anyway she wants......or cut it all off and she would still be beautiful!"

That is how it goes when you think with one side of the brain 97% of the time AND your sister
is in the styling business.

So I act like a hair colorist (sis has taught me well) and I add a top color....deeper and give her some fringe closer to her face to really compliment her eyes and help her not fade into the background which will be added soon.

Which brings me to ...

4.) Stand back a little and take a look with even more color.......and this is the face that will sit on my nestling couch directly across from the bed in the studio so I can contemplate what is next.

Now, let me tell you that I still love the face in image #2. Very much. But she has something powerful to say and could not be so demure.

So I have to run with that and just believe that in the end, when the piece is finished we will all say "ahhhhh, yes.....perfect!"

Now she joins the little one............

we watch each other for now.


Lori said...

thanks for sharing a little of your "process" this was very interesting...i love that you gave your girl bangs, i wear them too...only mine are for wrinkle concealment:)

Sharon said...

I finally got my turn at the puter. I would already be in bed but instead of ART, I found myself reclining in the chair. OK well I might have dozed a bit.

But anyway, I had to tell you how I enjoyed seeing the progression of your newest girly and hearing all about her. It is amazing how she changes and that is why I like to photo as I go. Can't wait to see the background she will find herself in. I just think it is most helpful to be able to go back and see where she came from.

See you tomorrow.

Sherry said...

I love this...all your talk about hair for your latest inspiration...I was at the salon doing the colour thing with my own hair today!!

Cindy Dean said...

You are doing sooooo good on these drawings. You amaze me.