I've been blogging for about a year and a half.

Time flying,



An idea that came to me many, many times during the past several months
is that I'd like to "showcase" if you will, blogs, stories, music in the spirit of
sharing things that just bless my world.

I hesitated, I suspect, thinking that just because I am moved, does not mean
YOU will be.

I am setting that silliness aside here and now.

If I can share photos and cat antics and the journey of my artistic side...

well, why would I limit my sharing??

One very big reason was a fear that in pointing out particular blogs
I would then be,in some way,

making a statement or judgment that another blog was not AS wonderful.

Understand the dilemma in my crazy mind?

I feel so intensely that this is going to be an amazing year of enlightenment.

A new understanding of self, of what is real and true....

...important and NOT important.
I believe it will be a kinder, sweeter time. A time of realization of hopes and dreams, and,
most, most, most importantly a deeper and more dimensional understanding of the richness of love.

With that thought and belief of what will come

I came upon a blog today. A kindred spirit who has much to share.

Sherry found MY blog through Catherine Moore's blog....

..and felt a connection, but truly left a comment because she spied the post I left about Kelly Rae's art

and the beautiful gift to me... a duplicate of what I purchased for my sister after the loss of our little sister.

That is how it is in this wacky, wonderful, beautiful world of blogging.

I was so moved when I read her post and knew that I would begin the new chapter of sharing with her words....

and introduce her to those of you who have not already had the privilege and pleasure

It is lovely to introduce Sherry
and her blog
The Journals of The Meandering Muse

With her permission, I have pasted her post below. I know you will find this to be a lovely place to visit.

An August afternoon of clear blue sky, the sun making stepping stones on the grass as it filters through the branches of the trees. The drone of the cicadas humming through the air to interrupt the rhythmic dance of the leaves. A gentle breeze softly licks my skin with a sweet caress and in a moment - silence as all is still.

Densely weighted hydrangeas bend at the waist and bow to the ground, heads dropping in the supplicant's position of prayer. Black Eyed Susans turn their brown, sun kissed faces to the sky. Drops of water to quench their thirst evaporate as they blend with the earth.

A plane flies overhead cutting the silence like a knife - a thin strip of trailing white plumage leaving a memory in it's path, to linger for a moment before dissolving into the void. A reminder that we are here but for a moment and must endeavour to leave more lasting impressions than a puff of smoke which leaves no lasting trace but the intangible of "what if.."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful vision..Denise

Sherry said...

Thank you so much Rella...I believe that we connect for reasons we never fully understand...the fact that we have each lost a sister (I only had one) and our shared love of art through Kelly Rae and Catherine Moore. I am blessed to have found you as well. This is the wonder of how the world works.