Drawing put on mixed media paper

This image I drew on sketch paper about a month ago. I added a bit to her here and there, but truth is, I never loved it.

I took it out this week and put her on some mixed media paper
(the colors look a bit faded in this photo)
.....added some text.

I see her differently today.

She was a wonderful learning process and if I were to name her she would be called


The whole piece is perfectly postcard size.



This morning before starting the day, I began this little face.

Then I proceeded to clean like a crazy woman..

but I kept coming back to her to create a piece that is really sweet.
And I will photograph her tomorrow and share it with you.

Unfortunately, I cannot stay up late tonight since tomorrow is back to

that place.


Lori said...

i am so glad that you are still in your sketching mode...i just love all of the sweet girls you are creating...

Cindy Dean said...

You are doing great! These pieces are soooo good. Back to work for me tomorrow too.

Marie said...

Your recent sketches and faces are wonderful! Happy New Year to you sweet friend!

Maija said...

I'm hoping you can get out of that place this year!