I've heard it said many times that we have 360 days of sunshine here in AZ. Every time I hear or read that I chuckle to myself as I am pretty sure that's one of those slogans to entice people to visit or even move here.

We do have more days of sunshine and blue skies than many parts of this country, that is true. But we have our share of gray and and even rainy days. I have written of them several times (especially when the roof was having issues) I am certain; and if I count them I am pretty sure they add up to more than five.

Today is one of those gray, rainy days. The forecast warned us that the California was sending over the storm front, and here it is.

This means the weathermen and women actually have something to talk about during their three minutes of T.V. time today.

What it translates for me and kitty is this:

One, we can snuggle under the quilt and watch Beetlejuice
for the third time since Friday night, getting up only to sing and dance around the living room during the dining room scene
and Harry Belaftone's voice singing 'Day-O' (a requirement here-although kitty just runs).

One of the channels must have paid big money for this film and BY GEORGE THEY ARE GOING TO GET THEIR MONEY'S WORTH AND PLAY IT UNTIL SOMEONE HURLS......however, I am tickled to have one of my most favorite flicks playing non-stop.

and two, the stained glass in the entry way looks so beautiful, in a kaleidoscope fashion against the hall mirror, that I pause and appreciate the beauty for a moment. When the sun is out there isn't a dark house to embrace the pale light filtering through. The beauty is lost in all the brightness of most days.

Beetlejuice, a quilt, stained glass, kitty, repaired roof..oh and I forgot to mention
sugar-free hot chocolate.

It's all good.


Lori said...

let's to a can have all of my gray days and send me all of your sunshine...

Maija said...

Well said - I enjoy our rainy days, curled up under a blanket.

Your stained glass window is beautiful.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Gray days - once in a while- can be cozy. Lately here in Calif they have been strung together so long I am aching for a glimpse of sunshine.

I read your blog all the time...I've been bad about commenting though. I love your painting "Songs of My Heart". and ooh lala - that paper doll a few posts back.(well, all of it actually)
I so hope you'll be doing ONE World-ONE Heart again this year!

Anita @ the Pink Funny Farm said...

I just happened to read your comment out of 63 on somebody's blog, and sure enough you commented on the exact same thing that I did...THE Red Breasted Robin! And then, to find out that you too, were from AZ & enjoyed the gloomy weather was a kick! People just hate when we complain!

Mo'a said...

We have had just such days here in Southern NJ...I have been whining about the lack of snow so that I can cozy up...even wrote a post about the kind of snow I would like and why.
Now I see that I must stop whining and get down to the Hot Chocolate and the movies that I love to watch over and over. Thank you for the inspiration.

red tin heart said...

i love the stained glass! i have seen the news on how bad your state has been hit with flooding, scary!
i hope you are safe. i will have to try the sugar free hot chocolate. i am headed back to bed, i have been sick. love nita

freebird said...

Well it feels like we have 400 days of sunshine. I am so happy when we get some rain. We've had two storms in Kingman in the last week! Wonderful, wonderful.