Yes, I am still drawing like a possessed and crazy woman.

I've not shared them only because time, or lack of it has prevented me

since that place I go Monday through Friday has been
especially trying.

(Anyone close by looking for an admin.-office manager-event planner-placater-information researcher-transcriptionist (no, forget that, I am sick of typing "blah, blah, blah")-librarian-mail sorter-scribble interpretor-attitude adjuster?

And, of course, there is the small thing of


Last weekend I painted up a canvas - 8x10.
layered first with some art papers.

(**note to self, use large pieces unless you really like lines of demarcation)

several paints brayered over. Mostly Golden liquid.

Love the gold.

then I sketched two images with charcoal pencil.
gessoed the faces and necks.

Hated it!!!

painted over it with more of the same colors.

This is a bright shot of it where you can see the glimmer of the gold

this darker shot shows the colors a bit better without the bounce of light.

Next is the faerie drawn a few nights ago with twiggy crown and rascally cat at her feet doing that thing that cats do

sideways arching, brushing up against your legs.

You cannot see kitty's face... as she is turning her head
......towards the little ankle

which will soon be in her mouth!!!

hmmmmm, some resemblance to 'Destructo Cat'

Notice the tiny grimace and the ever so slight bend to her shoulder
as she starts to prepare for the inevitable...

...little kitty teeth

I cut her out and placed her here on a black fabric to take a shot

A bit closer but slightly blurry.

cheapo digital, but glad to have it.

later I will begin gel medium adhere her to the canvas.

the rest will be magic

and I promise I will show you the finished product.

Even as I type this I am 'antsy' to snuggle in my bed tonight to start the next drawing.


I don't seem to be even seeking a cure.


Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, I came back to tell you something.
But, first she is so sweet and I can see how you are now addicted and not even looking for a cure.
This is going to be so beautiful and I can't wait to see it.

OK, what I came back to tell you is that I was visiting some of my fav typepad blog and thanks for the heads-up because I surely would have left my comment 5 times. It is doing something different tonight. Very delayed.
More later,

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

the situation with interfacing with typepad from my blogger has been a ongoing problem. Since the start. I have just now reached the end of my tolerance. (I have been too patient)

If you simply type in a typepad blog and go there directly, there doesn't SEEM to be the sam problem, but heaven forbid I begin the journey from my own blog and then try to back arrow to my blog again.

I am betting this is a known issue.
But I am NOT EVEN thinking about converting to typepad.


Donna said...

Just wanted to say, Merry Christmas! Love your blog and I "lurk" a lot! lol Same Typepad issues. My main friends are on blogger, so I usually just don't worry about it...have a great day!