She's coming along

New wings, embellished dress,

now the start of a collage.

I have a fab plan of using this on the front of a small cupboard.

Last night's bedtime drawing.
Yes...I draw in bed :)

Mouth......not crazy about, but will not rip off this time

Her eyes are rather 'cat-like' don't you think?

I love drawing eyes.

I really ONLY like her eyes.

But this is a learning process

Maybe in a few months I will wonder
what I was thinking when I drew these faces.


Sharon said...

Yes she really is coming along. I like what you are doing with her and am anxious to see the little cabinet...did you say?
I really like/love the dress. I'm going to be copying that. Just thought I'd tell ya.
I haven't done art in bed.....well really not art......

Cindy Dean said...

You are doing sooooo good! I love that you are creating every night! I think I will have to follow your lead! Beautiful work!

Maija said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with the cupboard!

Beth said...

Ohhh...I think she is absolutley beautiful !!!
Faces are so hard to draw, so I'm realy impressed !!!

Lori said...

Rella, she is just beautiful...i love her dress and wonderful face...gorgeous work:)

Anonymous said...

She is always amaze me :o) Wishing you a very blessed new year. Happy New Year!

CathWren said...

Oh my, what lovely work Rella and I can see why you would draw in bed. I find drawing so relaxing and it's such a luxury not to need so many things to express yourself. And, her eyes are quite beautiful, a gentle spirit. Thank you for visiting my blog, I will be a frequent visitor here. Thank you for sharing.