The wonderful thing about looking at your work on the computer
screen is that your eyes see differently.

I can 'see' some places I need to change a bit
and where I have to add a thing or two.
This is a great tool to help critique.

Small baby steps. A little color here and there, mountains, lake and palms trees in the background. With my limited collection of colored pencils, some watercolor and some Prisma.....I'm doing o.k.
and still loving her. There is a familiarity with her. I feel I know her or WILL know
her someday.

Had I put her on canvas......larger, she would eventually live
above the fireplace.

Maybe the next one.

Tonight I will announce the winning name drawn for the Angel book and also show the faerie
I received in the partner swap I was in. My last 'group exchange' of the year.

In the meantime, I wait for the roofer.

The sun returned three days ago and it was such a relief to have to grab my sunglasses again.

A perfect day for THE ROOFER.

A perfect day to WAIT for the roofer.

A perfect day.

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Sharon said...

Isn't it amazing how you see it a little differnet on the screen. I have noticed that as well with my art. That is one reason I'm in such a hurry to post my new art.

I'm not sure what you see but what I see looks wonderful. Think I will be playing ART this weekend.