Last night and this morning's relaxation

I call her Lolli....... I am so laughing. She seems to have landed in



That look on her face perplexed. Maybe, confused. She was sure she clicked her heels the correct number of times But this sure isn't HOME!!!

I used my 10X7 Watson-Guptill sketchbook.

I love the totally flip open binding and the smooth pages.

I think I could cut and collage if I wanted without show-through.

Maybe I would need to give a thin coat of gel medium first on the back side and let it dry.

Calling for advice from my wonderful blog friend artists that might be familiar with the paper in this book.

A lot of my paints are Golden, some are the cheapO acrylics from Michaels, that I end up mixing with Goldens in some fashion.

This gal is color pencil only.

Hard to bring paint into my bed for these 10 min sessions bookending my siesta...

but I will admit

I have not tried it.


ryan said...

Geez mom can you be any more awesome?!?!?! :) xo

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Could I be any luckier??
There is nothing more wonderful than to have my children think that I am even CLOSE to awesome.

Thank you, sweetie....you totally made my night 2500 miles away.
xo MamaRella

zUzU said...

=^..^= miss rella good evening!

Your lovely little drawings capture something special about you ... Can not quite put my finger on it yet, but they make me think I am remembering a place I have visited before ... and perhaps met these girls. Have they served me tea? Have I served them?

I believe there is a story there ... Why do they come to you?

(my first love is to draw in simple graphite or sepia oil-wax pencil ... but also, I am watercolorist. I know of these things ... images that appear on paper seemingly without you knowing why ...)

You should try paint, yes! There is no right or wrong way ... just do. I don't know this paper you are using ::sigh:: is it from Michael's too? I might look for it and then know more to help. Of a possible way to make it opaque. I assume this is the trouble? What is it's weight? -- should state this on the cover/label somewhere. If it is lightweight, it may wave on you when gel is applied. Test ideas on a blank page first ... Play.

I might think first of adding an iron-on fabric (like interfacing) ... This would not cause it to ripple from moisture, but with a colored (wax? prisma?) pencil, use paper under to protect the color side!

Oh I don't know if this is of any help ... But so fun to think of you there playing with a sketchpad and pencils. (love the little flowers next to her ... like lollipops ::oh::grin:: I think I just got it)!

Just wondering ... Are these pieces completed within the 10 minutes? Impressive! I am the slowest artist on earth, truth!

I hope you will continue to share these little timed beauties! Love them!
=^..^= me, the other zuzu

Jamie said...

I am really loving the pieces you are drawing Rella. I also love how you have put your heart into them and have had such fun exploring them. I hope you are having gentle days my friend. Love, Jamie