Sweet memories linger
like the perfume of roses
on petals long since dried

My mother, like her mother before her, was a talented seamstress.
Seasonal curtains on the kitchen windows, wardrobes for my dolls, tailored blazers for my Dad,
a pink satin and white sequin prom dress, hundreds of alterations for clients,
and my beautiful, empire waisted, wedding dress
of cream peau de soie, with hand sewn lace roses embellished with hundreds of pink seed pearls...
to list a few.

In looking back, I believe I took for granted that Mom could sew anything,
DO anything.
I think that is how it is with children and their parents.

As an adult, Mom and I shared the love of sewing.
It was the last shopping adventure we shared,
and the only things I retrieved from house after she died was her sewing machine and notions.
I didn't NEED a sewing machine as I already had two of my own.

It was simply our connection and the topic of many conversations.

Today is an anniversary I wish I did not mark in that 'calendar' in my head and on my heart.
This exact day of the year in 1990.

Saturday, November 3rd. She, only one year older than I am now,

went on to the next chapter of her journey.

But today I choose sweet memories and a celebration of what we shared.

Not sadness.

Not the thought of the loss or the void.

Instead, I celebrate what was passed on to me
and I have created a little faerie house.

The faerie is my Mom.
A little dancer with her long limbs
dressed in an outfit created by her Mother,
my feisty, Irish/English grandmother.

The roof of the house is decorated with snippets of vintage lace roses and buttons.

This is the last of my faerie houses that began several posts ago.
All have been given away....

except this one.

To celebrate my Mom's creative energy
I will gift this away to one of you
my dear bloggies far and wide

The drawing will be next Saturday
Leave a comment here and a way to contact you
(if you do not have a blog)
to be in the drawing

Bon Chance


Rosa said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom. She sounds amazing. It is nice to celebrate their lives. I'm sure they would want it that way. Oh yes, put me at the top of the pile when you draw your names. hehe.

Maija said...

It's beautiful! Definetly count me in!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are celebrating your Mom's wonderful life and her effect on your own life. How much sweeter and more beneficial than mourning. The faerie house you made in tribute to her is precious. Your post was just are quite the writer, little Rella.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzz from,
Audra Mae
and yes, put me in the drawing!

Lori said...

Rella, i think this is so very lovely and sweet and your mother sounds like a wonderful person...i think you should keep this sweet little house for yourself...

Jamie said...

Thinking of you and all your good memories sweet Rella! And I agree with Lori. Keep your beautiful house ofr yourself:) Love, Jamie

Kristin Hubick said...

I hope I'm not too late!!! This is quite lovely!!!!!!!!!

kecia said...

oh rella, that is sweet. i know you miss the heck out of her. i'm glad you took her machine - you're right, what a connection it represents for the two of you. glad you have it.

my best!

Patti G. said...

Rella, I was just checking in on you and read the beautiful words you wrote about your MOM! That is so sweet and wonderful......she would be so proud of the wonderful woman that has become YOU!
Just know that I thinking of you!

Lisa Gallup said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom! My mom's birthday would have been this Thursday and I will try to remember her with love instead of sadness. Your post will help me do that.(((hugs))) ~Lisa Gallup

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

very sweet. Love the thought of "my heart holds you"

whobyfire said...

they are so sweet and beautiful all of your creations. you are very talented my dear!

red tin heart said...

your mom sounded like such a sweet person. i am sorry she is gone from you.. thinking of you. xoxo nita <3

Susan Italo said...

What a loving, lovely tribute to your mother.