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October 4, 2007
Stronger For It
Mending A Broken Heart

Heartbreak happens to all of us and can wash over us like a heavy rain. When experiencing a broken heart, our ethereal selves are saturated with grief, and the overflow is channeled into the physical body. Loss becomes a physical emptiness, and longing is transmuted into a feeling that often cannot be put into words. Mending a broken heart can seem a task so monumental that we dare not attempt it for fear of damaging ourselves further. But heartbreak, like all emotions, falls under the spell of our conscious influence.

Often the pain that wounds us most deeply also leaves the most enduring mark upon us. The shock that becomes the tender, throbbing ache of the heart eventually leads us down the path of enlightenment, blessing our lives with a new depth and richness.

Acknowledging heartbreak's impermanence by no means dulls its sting for it is the sting itself that stimulates healing. The pain is letting us know that we need to pay attention to our emotional selves, to sit with our feelings and be in them fully before we can begin to heal. It is said that time heals all wounds. Time may dull the pain of a broken heart, but it is fully feeling your pain and acknowledging it that will truly help you heal. Dealing with your heartache in a healthy way rather than putting it off for tomorrow is the key to repair. Gentleness more than anything else is called for. Most important, open yourself to the possibility of loving, trusting, and believing again. When, someday soon, you emerge from the cushion of your grief, you will see that the universe did not cease to be as you nursed your broken heart. You emerge on the other side of the mending, stronger for all you have experienced.

Gentleness....I spoke recently to a dear friend about this. Being gentle with herself. We forget to do that sometimes.

Be gentle with yourself today dear friends.



Rosa said...

Thank you for sharing these. They are so insightful and I'm sure I will go back to them one day. I am happy to see you here more often. hugs.

Lori said...

your oms are so inspirational, thank you for sharing them with us...i wish i had read this earlier...i was not very gentle with myself this morning...much better now...hugs to you...

red tin heart said...

So true. xoxo Nita

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Another wonderful one. Gentleness is a great word to think about

Joan Ellis said...

Thank you, Rella, for sharing these oms with us.

red tin heart said...

Rella: I just read this for the second time. I wish I could give you a big hug. I pray for you everyday and think of you often. Hope this day finds you blessed with peace. xoxo Nita

Anonymous said...

Rella: This is a wonderful OM. Gentleness is one of the kindest gifts we can give ourselves. We just have to remember to do it.
Audra Mae