October 8, 2007
Opening A Closed Connection
Consciously Reconnecting

There may be times when we feel like our connection to the universe is closed. Maybe things don't seem to be going well in our day, or our lives, or we may feel out of our element. The truth is, the universe is always there for us. We know that we create our experience with our thoughts, and this is another way we need to make a conscious decision about how we want to experience life. It is up to us to do the work of making the connection, because nobody can do it for us, though sometimes the universe may send us wake-up calls.

You can think of it as getting some fresh air. We are always breathing and the air is always around us, surrounding us, moving through us. But we may need to step outside of where we are in the moment physically, mentally, or emotionally and make the conscious choice to take a deep breath in order to feel the air coming in and going out. Whether this means stepping outside physically or merely shifting our thoughts, it is only our perception that changes; the air remains the same.

It is just as easy to reconnect with the universe. Using the same technique as a breath of fresh air, a deep breath can bring us back to our center. As we inhale, we fill our bodies with the oxygen needed to replenish our most basic physical needs, allowing the air to circulate within us. Exhaling, we release the stale, the used, the potentially toxic air, removing any blocks that may keep us from going deeper into the stillness that lies at our center where we connect to the universe. Feeling closed off does not need to be a negative experience. When we become conscious of it, we can think of the wholeness of a closed circuit, which allows electricity to connect and flow properly. Our bodies work the same way, and when we make that connection in our minds, it can help bring us back to the connection we seek.

What resonates with me:

"Going deeper, to the stillness that lies in our center, where we connect to the universe"

Think on this as you take a really deep breath;
and then let it out.......all the toxins (perhaps from toxic relationships) and just FEEL GOOD AND CENTERED.

And I challenge you now.

For yourself.
Do an art page as a personal translation to going deeper to the stillness.


red tin heart said...

That is so true. Just a quick walk outside can help so much. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

i am going to do an art page within the next 2 days on this theme. xo nita

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Nita....if you care to share the art pages, I would truly love to see them. It's a very personal subject, so if you cannot, I so understand.
xo Rella