I think I may add more to her as time goes by
but for now, here she is

It's hard to see how shimmery the silk is.
The Fujifilm camera leaves a lot to be desired.

She seems so kind and wise, doesn't she?
The paper inside the crystal ball reads:

"The door to the heart opens from the inside"

The class was so awesome. Every single one of us finished our dolls and they all were

so incredibly different. I did not have my camera for the class, but it's possible I will get some shots from classmates soon. Lisa Renner is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend taking
a class with her if you ever have the opportunity.
The face is one of her special molds. She had several to choose from
and I just really loved this particular one.
The body is dowel, foil, batting and wire.
This is all covered in strips of silk
then wrapped with fibers.
The hands we had to sculpt ourselves.
I have done hands many times in the past,
but all very small.
It was actually a challenge to make
big hands!!

I would need to sculpt the face from scratch if and when i do another doll and it
will be interesting to see as these faces are
way bigger than my mothies!!


Ryan said...

This is so so so so so so beautiful mom!!! You are super-fantastic :)


Rosa said...

She is gorgeous! What a beautiful doll. I wish we had classes like that here. We probably do, I just haven't found them yet. How fun!

Lori said...

Rella, she is just beautiful!!!

kathywas said...

Oh, Rella...she came out BEAUTIFULLY! I LOVE it!! I don't think that I've ever seen something with so much detail done in a classroom setting. Since the hands and face are polymer clay, did you all have to mold them and bake them yourselves?

Autumn said...

She is beautiful. I know someone who would love that doll..Do you think you might make some to sell?

red tin heart said...

my great grandmother was a gypsy. i always wanted to be one. nita