A new fae is being created.
This is all I dare show you now, mostly because she will be winging her way to a very special person this week.

She is wrapped in soft, pure silk, has the most stunning of wings ever; and right here you see she has a jeweled crown.

What I so love about my Mothies is that each one is unique with her own personality revealed a bit at a time.

This one is waiting....

.....along with this one

Future Mothies :)


Tricia Scott said...

rella, thank you so much for your blog visit and the sweet sweet comments! :) i am very glad to have found your blog and am excited about looking around here. the faces that you have created here are amazing!

Sharon said...

Yes these faces are magic. I can't wait to see more. Love the little peek for you know who.

miss*R said...

what more can I say 'cept they are gorgeous.. magickal too xo

dogfaeriex5 said...

this crown is so so so sweet...you do beautiful work, my magcial faerie..