I am very fortunate to have a friend that shares her art with me. Without a reason except our friendship, she will pop a postcard in the mail to me that she has created for one of the art groups we both belong to. I have not particiapted in the group for a very long time as I seemed to have pulled away from groups pretty much and just do pieces and give them away when the mood strikes me. Lyn, however, is very active. Lucky group members receive her fabulous art every month. And sometimes, without any fanfare, she drops one in the mail for me (the non-player) to surprise me, to send me a hug from afar, to just make my day when I go to the mailbox.

This is just one of the latest and I have framed it, as I have done with many of her pieces. I just love it. The colors, the image, the saying.

It's just perfectly.........Lyn.

Thank you, dear friend.


Sharon said...

Had to come see what you were doing. I figured you were up to something. Love your mail art and how lucky you are to have such a friend. Me too. I received mail art yesterday and today. Will post about it tomorrow probably.
I'm working on some too.

kathywas said...

It's also great to receive a surprise in the mail, especially when it's from a good friend. How fortunate you are! And I hear you on the Groups thing. I just can't keep up with them.