No sense of fulfillment today.

Little camaraderie..very, very little.

Nose to the "grind" at The Desk with a feeling of emptiness..maybe sadness.

I don't share much of these things here. It's rather like not being able to write in a diary that you are pretty sure someone will read. In a diary like that you only skim the surface of feelings; and more than likel, just make factual notes. Disappointment and heart aches would be sequestered.

So as the work day ended I found myself wandering the aisles of Walgreens during an errand for some essentials of life according to ME. Aside from the fact that Ms. Morganstein would certainly greet me with her mischievous antics, I didn't really have a particular reason to hurry home. So up and down each aisle I go. Looking at e everything. Magazine, cards, make-up, household....TOYS!!! And there, right there at the end of the glorious toy aisle, looking up at me with familiar eyes...a toy from my pre-teens. A TROLL DOLL. OMG!!!

Memories rushing in like a tidal wave. I didn't even have to close my eyes to remember the scent of my first, Orange-haired, brown-eyed troll. I remember trading tiny trolls after that first beloved T. At recess, colorful fluffs of hair trading all around.

Oh the delight of these homely, lovable dolls.

I practically pranced all the way to the check-out, pink fluff in hand. Tonic for a crumpled spirit today.

She has no name as of yet; and I don't think I ever named a Troll. But I can tell you that she will come to the office with me tomorrow...her purse filled with Troll accessories. Whatever that might be!

Tomorrow night's distraction:

Foriegn Film
La Vie En Rose


miss*R said...

I remember Trolls! & yes, they did have their very own scent - I love how when you smell things from your childhood, you are whisked back as if it were yesterday.
In her purse, I am sure their is magick, dragonflies, whimsy and fripperies... xoxo

miss*R said...

oh & I love that you bought the troll - that is so cute.. I am going to run and buy me something just like that xo

Autumn said...

I LOVE trolls. I have collected several over the last year or so. You can see my lastest one on my 4th of july post. She is red white and blue! Also if you check out my archives you will find more. We have a walgreens here so I am going this weekend in search of a pink one!

Lori said...

i am glad that you found your little troll doll to lift your spirits up!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

hello ..trolls, love them!!! i had all the shapes and sizes!! your miss pinky is adorable!! boy, this sure brings a smile to my face..thank~you, my faerie rella!!