I'm involved in an Art Doll Round Robin. Two groups of five artists. This is Lexi, my Art Doll. Her body is a small, wooden armoire I purchased at Michaels and painted with Lumiere paint and edged with gold. I gave her dyed silk ribbon "arms" with rusted clips for hands. Her head is a Paper Whimsy image printed on fabric and her hair is fashioned from one of my fused silk fabrics I made a while ago. I can tell you it was hard to stop embellishing her, but that was necessary as she had to go on her journey to the next of four artists in my group. I sent her on her way with a fabulous journal I picked up at the Ashes and Snow exhibit last year in Santa Monica, hoping the four artists would feel free to jot some notes or add artwork or poetry. Whatever moved them. I had/have no expectations on how she will end up, but I AM excited about her journey.

The first doll I received was a cloth (felt) doll named Robyn.
I tied her two ponytails up into one with tulle into a boho look and gave her a sparkle washed tutu of cream colored tulle

Then I gave her an art pin that I loved (a giftie) and a little wooden suitcase that I also got at Michaels and shabbyed up with paint and collaged with sunflowers on the inside. Added a tag and then took a photo of her before she left with one of my Mothies and a post card of our town to add to the box

The next Art Doll I received was very unusual. One fashioned from some type of vessel that I could not place. Her name is Nettie. She had been embellished now by the artist before me, so including the owner, I am now the third to embellish her. I was stumped a had her standing on my art table in my nest AKA Studio with a Bed......and looked at her for days and days. At first I thought she would also get a skirt....then maybe some arted up tags......nothing was coming to me. Until today. I woke up with the total vision. She needed a nest (gilded, pearl egg and feathers added), some feathers on her already attached lace bonnet, and a bluebird of happiness to journey with her and keep her company. The last embellishment was a 'pin' of pewter - a nest with eggs. Something of a theme I guess. After adding to her journal she will be ready to go off to the next artist. Two more Art Dolls will be coming my way and somewhere in the Fall I will have Lexi back.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the next installment.


Anonymous said...

Cindy: This art doll project is certainly amazing! I love what you have added to each little creature. They are all on their way to being wonderful. I, too, can't wait to see yours in the fall.
Audra Mae

Sharon said...

You have such a way with embleshments. What you did to both is just so wonderful. They really do go on a journey and eventually get home with lots of stories to tell.

Lori said...

Rella, these are wonderful, this project looks like so much fun!!!

Studio Panorama said...

I have sweet little Lexi sitting right beside me. Uncannily, there is also an avian theme happening. Unfortunately, she had some serious bed head when she arrived and I am trying to get her coif back to where you had her stylin', so I can take some pictures. Stay tuned....

Love what you are doing with the dolls.
Bev Froese

audrey h. said...

This RR looks like so much fun and all these pieces are so gorgeous. Love seeing what beautiful touches you add.

elsewhen said...

This is so cool! I never would have thought to do anything like this. How are you holding Lexi's head on the wooden armoire, if you don't mind my asking?

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Thank you all for your visits and comments.
elsewhen = The fabric face was attached to the backside of the armoire trim on the top by using 527 glue (I think that is the number) and a portion of a popsicle stick. It's on there tight and sturdy.