Here it is Friday already. The week, the month, where does it go? We are almost at the half way mark of 2007. Does that just make your head spin? It does mine. And here is a tiny example of change in a small amount of time.

Morgan the first night here (May 14) and tonight (June 15) as she is caught doing something I like to call, Vertical Blind Swinging or VBS. To do this said kitty leaps up about three feet in the air and lands, in the vertical position, claws extended in the Grip of Death move, on the fabric, vertical blinds, which causes them to swing back and forth.

Doesn't she look quite proud of herself. I believe the audience agreed that she absolutely perfected the mount, but needed some practice on dismount. For that the judges deducted 2.5 from her total score. This, however, is not the face of despair, but rather DETERMINATION.


Lisa Gallup - Spirit Thing Studio said...

How absolutely CUTE is THAT??!! I told hubby just tonight that I wanted a kitty. He said I just want an animal that I can hold. He said I could have a Boston Terrier. I'll take it! lol :)Your Morgan is PRECIOUS!!

jblack designs said...

Ah kitties. I remember well the beauty ... the fun ... the destruction. ;-)



smilnsigh said...

That is a very cute description of Morgan perfecting her VBS. ,-)

But... I'm wondering how long the fabric will last.... Eeeek.


Cindy Dean said...

I love the Vertical Blind Swinging, or VBS. That is very cute. Gotta love kittens!

Maija said...

What a darling, naughty little girl!